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Changu Nata

Performing Arts of Orissa are ingrained in the age old culture and traditions of the state. Some like Odissi Dance have a world audience and need vigorous training and expertise. Some again are pastoral and ritualistic dance forms practised by the many tribals and fisher folks who dwell on the coastal belts of Orissa. The temple of Konark in Orissa is a favorite venue for many of the classical dances of Orissa. Each of these dances has its own significance and performed in reverence to some gods or goddesses or natural forms. The Changu Nata dance is mainly performed by the Bathudi, Kharia, Bhuiyan, Mechi, Juang, and Keonjhar communities.

Changu Nata is a derivative of the more popular tambourine dance form. Male members play the drums while women folk constitute the main dancers. The male members sometimes accompany them however the females take the lead. It can be performed without too much of practice as the steps are simple. The male dancers move with perfect expertise and body synchronization and perform stunts.

Another interesting feature about Changu Nata dance form is the dress factor. The women drape their entire body with long saris keeping only their sensuous hands and feet open. The swaying body movements of the women folk along with the accompaniment of the drum impart an intoxicating feel to the whole atmosphere. The dance form tells of the joy of living of these simple folks and the rural life on the whole. It is generally performed in a group where all the performers maintain perfect poise and rhythm. The tribes of the Sundergarh district mainly perform this dance form.

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