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Danda Nata

Touring any particular place essentially involves the sightseeing trips within the city or around it. What follows next is a quest for the culture, individuality and distinctiveness of the region. Therefore, for obvious reasons, a trip to the beautiful state of Orissa not only includes thorough appreciation of the Arts and Crafts of Orissa but also the Performing Arts of Orissa. They carry tremendous significance and are extremely stylish to watch. Danda Nata, one such art style in the form of dance, has, with its uniqueness attained great heights of reputation all over the country.

The dance form of Danda Nata involves music, dance and theater styles enacted in the performances. Also known as Danda Jatra, it illustrates stories centering around Lord Shiva and Parvati. These dances generally have a moral undertone regarding the universal brotherhood and social equality. Through enactments of episodes involving Lord Shiva and other gods as well, religious and social integrity are stressed upon.

The Danda Nata is performed during the Chaitra Purnima and continued till the Pana Sankranti. Different phases go on to complete the performance of Danda Nata. These are, The Bhumi or Dhuli Danda, Pani Danda, Danda Nata Suanga

The drummers accompany the performances and they not only play the drums but also perform acrobatics in between.

Danda Nata performances are extremely intriguing dance forms of Orissa and anybody would be fortunate enough to watch even one of their performances on their Tour to Orissa.

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