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Dasakathia Dance

The sightseeing trips within and around city is the prime activity of interest for any sane traveler, but then, a more enthusiastic one looks for something more a desperate search for the inherent culture, tradition, individuality and distinctiveness of the region. Hence, a trip to the wonderful state of Orissa not only includes thorough appreciation of the Arts and Crafts of Orissa but also the elegant forms of the Performing Arts of Orissa. These forms bear notable significance and are extremely graceful to watch. Dasakathia Dance, one such dance style, has, with its exclusiveness, attained great heights of fame all over the country.

The Dasakathia Dance essentially involves performances of two participants - the singer (gayaka) and the accompanist (palia). As the word suggests, the performance is a form of worship and offering on behalf of the Das - the devotee. The Kathi is supposed to be the two wooden sticks with which the dancers create lilting sounds and simultaneously as a mark of invocation, recite the verses composed by the poets. These recitations have a hypnotizing effect on the listeners/spectators. Thematically the performances are generally pauranic in nature.

The long silken coat and the turban form the attire of the dancers and create a gorgeous spectacle for the viewers. A dance form mainly of the Ganjim district of southern Orissa, it is a spectacular art form of Orissa.

Dasakathia Dance performances are exceptionally interesting dance forms of Orissa and any tourist would be fortunate to watch even one of their performances on their Tour to Orissa.

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