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Naga Dance

Orissa, the state of spectacular specimens of architecture and sculpture in its temples and monuments, is one of the most favored destinations of the Indian traveler. In this light, the Arts and Crafts of Orissa, have been, actually responsible for the increasing number of tourists in this state of the country. The Performing Arts of Orissa are some among the best in India and the Naga Dance, a unique dance form, has gained considerable popularity over time with its attractive quality.

Having originated in the state of Nagaland, the Naga dance is also a special dance form in Orissa. It involves energetic and stimulating dance performances by men. Like most of the other dance in Orissa, this dance form is also performed during the religious processions in the Puri district.

The dancers perform Medha Nacha wearing oversized masks of devils, kings and queens. The masks are basically made out of paper pulp and painted in bright colors. The instruments accompanying this form of dance performance are Chhangu and Dhol. The entire performance in its totality with the bright colors of the masks, the rhythm of the instruments and the dances to the tunes create an amazing atmosphere of thrill and enjoyment.

Medha Nacha performances are some of the most exciting forms of Performing Arts in Orissa and watching one of their performances would be a treat while you are on your Tour to Orissa.

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