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Odissi Handlooms

Traveling to any part of the world includes a wonderful process of knowing the country/city, then the people and the culture and tradition of that particular region. With Orissa being no exception, a Tour to Orissa will certainly be succeeded by the quest for the culture of Orissa. The Arts and Crafts of Orissa depicted in the beautiful architecture and sculpture of temples and monuments; the wonderful painting forms, et al reflect the cultural depth of the Oriya people. The Crafts of Orissa deserve special mention as these have created a prominent niche in the world of Indian art and culture. The Odissi Handlooms, among them have made a mark in the area of textile art and have earned appreciation from all over the world.

Odissi Handlooms is not just a textile or a fabric but it is an exhibition of artwork in the form of a spectacular textile and fabric. Ikkat - the main design on Odissi fabrics is a beautiful artistic application - The parts of the yarn are tied and dipped in color solutions before they are used to weave the fabric. The designs used here are of bright colors and gorgeous and attractive motifs. The double Ikkat motifs from the city of Sambalpur are special with their exclusive designs and the gold embroidered designs from Sonepur are equally attractive.

While you are on your Tour to Orissa, you will definitely be enticed to purchase a few samples of the products of Odissi Handlooms in the form of sarees, furnishings etc.

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