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Odissi Music

The arts and crafts of a place reflect a lot about the culture and heritage of the same. They bring out the subtleties and individualities of the creative mind of the particular place. Orissa, one of the most visited tourist destinations in India, boasts of a rich cultural heritage which is evident in the forms of the Arts and Crafts including the Performing Arts of Orissa. The dance and music forms bear notable importance and Odissi Music is one of the richest art forms of India.

On a Tour to Orissa, the art manifestations on temples and handicrafts on metals, fabrics, paper, etc are surely going to leave you spellbound but the Performing Arts of Orissa carry a magnetic flavor and Odissi Music, among them, attach depth and melody at the same time.

If music be the food of love, play on' - How direct and appropriate Shakespeare was in saying this! Music in Orissa, especially the classical form, deals with the love episodes of Lord Krishna and Radha. In earlier days, however, music was written, composed and performed by the bards. By the 11th century, the folk music in forms of Triswari, Chatuhswari and Panchaswari gradually took the form of classical music owing much to Jaidev, the great poet cum composer of classical music of yesteryears.

According to the two treatises, the Sangita Sarani and Sangita Narayana which contain musical background and information about the Odissi Music are classified into four forms - dhruvapada, chitrapada, chitrakala and panchal. The main Odissi ragas comprise Kalyana, Nata, Shree Gowda, Baradi, Panchama, Dhanashri, Karnata, Bhairavee and Shokabaradi. Nothing short in style in comparison to the Hindstani and Karnatic Music, the Odissi Music can be a great experience.

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