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Arts of Orissa

Orissa, one of the significant hubs of fine art representations, pulls huge number of globetrotters, archaeologists, devotees, and researchers from different parts of the country. Having become one of the preferred destinations of many travelers all over the country, a rich selection of Arts of Orissa is available here.

Amongst the different types of Arts of Orissa, Patachitra Painting deserves special mention due to it unusual distinctiveness. Originated in the Jagannath Temple, the painting kind of Patachitra needs to do paintings on a piece of fabric or clay plate or a tablet. Accomplished at this form of art are the Mahapatras and Maharanas. The painting as a rule demonstrates either various stories of Gods and Goddesses, lilas of Lord Krishna or images and depictions of animals and legends.

The artists who create Patachitra Painting are called chitrakars. They use rare color tones like lamp black, blood red, red ocher, indigo, yellow and white to bring the pictures alive on the patas. The patachitras have become, over the years, a compulsory purchase in the shopping bags of the tourists. The special ganjapa card or circular forms of playing cards are unique in its own kind.

The primeval usage of palm leaf writing or Talpatchitra Painting has been a famous form of art form in Orissa. Religious texts, horoscope scrolls, invitation cards for weddings and others, New Year cards are traditionally created on palm leaves.

On your Tour to Orissa you will get an idea of the rich culture of this part of the country.

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