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Crafts of Orissa

The divine landmass of Orissa on the eastern coastal plains of India, boasts of a regal cultural heritage, which has been kept alive through the Arts and Crafts of Orissa. Owing to the reigns of various dynasties in the past, Orissa and its culture, arts and crafts underwent several changes, imitations, assimilations and developments over the centuries.

The crafts of Orissa are exemplary examples of the skills of the people living in the state. The magical touch of these artisans and craftsmen attains the desired shape through these exemplary works of art. The Crafts of Orissa India can potentially impart immense value-addition to the tourism industry of the state.

In Orissa, every house is almost an art factory. The local people of the state are art lovers by nature and all forms of art - be it visual or otherwise - are almost worshipped here. Orissa is the Land of Lord Jagannath, and veneration of art and craft is profoundly entrenched in the socio-religious fabric of the land.

On your Tours to Orissa, you can glimpse an entire range of Arts and Crafts of Orissa in the market places and side corners of the towns and cities of the state. Craft techniques dating back over several thousand years have been preserved wonderfully in Orissa. Instead of merely being decorative reminders of the ancient past, Orissa's crafts are resplendently alive, matching with contemporary tastes and yet retaining the fundamental traditional links with the glorious bygone era.

Orissa Cities

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