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Papier Mache Orissa

Apart from visiting Orissa's different sites of tourist interest, you can also be acquainted with a thing or two about the rich and varied Crafts of Orissa during your tour to this place. Amongst others, a craft that is fairly popular is Papier Mache, Orissa.

Papier Mache in Orissa, India showcases the skill of its craftsmen. This art form has been creatively practiced by craftsperson all over the state. Waste cloth, paper and different types of natural fibres are soaked at first. After this initial stage comes the next stage of making Orissa Papier Mache. The combined pulp is beaten afterwards and mixed with a variety of seeds and gums. This treatment gives it strength and protects it from termites. Special clays as well as bio-wastes are also added for body and reinforcement. This whole process gives rise to a medium so malleable that it can be molded into innumerable forms. In fact, the versatility of the craft of Papier Mache, Orissa is nothing short of sheer magic.

So, without any more delay, come to Orissa, India in order to see and purchase these eye-catching papier mache articles, either for yourself as a memento or as gifts for your near and dear ones.

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