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Performing Arts of Orissa

Historically one of the most significant states of India, Orissa has seen plenty of ups and downs, reigns and transitions over the ages which have been of major importance in the history of the nation. Worshippers of Hindu gods and Mother Nature alike, architects, archaeologists and researchers visit this enchanting state of the Indian sub continent in hundreds and thousands. The wonderful art impressions on the temples and monuments, the beauties of the green valleys and hills and rivers and the Performing Arts of Orissa are certainly the state's pride.

The Arts and Crafts of Orissa undoubtedly play an important role in the enhancement of the arts and crafts of the country as such. While you are on a Tour to Orissa the temples and handicrafts are surely going to attract you but there are more than just that. The Performing Arts of Orissa bear depth and beauty at the same.

Music, an important form of art which transcends all barriers of religion and caste, holds tremendous significance in this state. In earlier days, music in Orissa was performed by the bards which were basically used to propagate religious teachings. By the 11th century, the folk music in forms of Triswari, Chatuhswari and Panchaswari gradually were taking the shape of classical music which owes much to Jaidev, the poet cum composer of classical music.

Sangita Narayana, based on ragas and talas, the Odissi classical Music finds its forms in the categories of dhruvapada, chitrapada, chitrakala and panchal. A bit different from the ragas of the Hindustani and Karnatic music, the main Odissi ragas consist of Kalyana, Nata, Shree Gowda, Baradi, Panchama, Dhanashri, Karnata, Bhairavee and Shokabaradi.

The Oriya dances are equally attractive if not more. Odissi Classical Dance is one of the most elegant dance forms of India. It mainly deals with the love themes of Radha and Lord Krishna. Apart from this, the other dance forms, like Chau (Animal Mask Dance), the Medha Nacha and the Naga Dance are beautiful to see being performed.

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