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Samprada Dance

On a Tour to Orissa you will get to see the multi faceted state, with its historical monuments and temples, expansive wildlife sanctuaries and coastal retreats. However the culture and history of Orissa is as rich as its tourist attractions. The Arts and Crafts of Orissa are held in high esteem throughout the country. Each of the Performing Arts of Orissa has a significance of its own. Some dances are also ritualistic and performed in front of the ruling deity of Orissa that is Jagannath. Others are pastoral and war dance. Some are derivatives of folklore and tells of the legends associated with it. Samprada Dance for instance is prevalent in the Western part of Orissa.

Samprada Dance is otherwise known as Bahaka Dance in Orissa. Singing and dancing takes place at the same time with the accompaniments of musical instruments like Mridanga and Kartal. Interestingly the same performer who is dancing is also the singer and he plays the musical instruments. It is an art which he has to master over a decade. His feet move in perfect rhythm with the beat of the music and the words of the songs. Generally he takes recourse to religious slokas and songs like Bhajan, Janana, Sanskrit slokas etc. Another performer assists him in his performance who is known as palia. Samprada Dance is generally performed during festive occasions.

Samprada Dance has carved a niche for itself in the world dance forum for its indigenous ways of presenting songs, dance and musical instruments. It is also practiced in other parts of India but known differently everywhere.

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