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Santhal & Saora Tribal Paintings

The state of Orissa has had a past full of interesting historical episodes which have been of significant importance in the history of the country. Tourists in shapes of devotees, nature lovers, architects, archaeologists and researchers throng this enchanting state of the Indian sub continent. The intricate art impressions on the temples and monuments, the beauties of the green valleys and hills and rivers - all are individually responsible for the huge influx of tourists here. On your Tour to Orissa, what will most enthrall you are the Arts and Crafts of Orissa amongst which, the Santhal & Saora Tribal Paintings carry a peculiar and pleasant intrigue about it.

The tribals of Orissa constitute a considerable population of the state. In fact, their interest and inclination towards art and craft is really admirable. Amidst a life of hunting and searching for sustenance they, with their art forms, unknowingly, have created a niche for themselves in the arena of the Arts of Orissa. Artistic people as they are, the Oriyans, even the tribals in this state are not far behind in this area. The Santhal & Saora Tribal Paintings are exclusive in nature and are sure to enchant you even with a glimpse of it.

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