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Silver Filigree

A Tour to Orissa is never complete without checking out the Art and Crafts of Orissa as they form an integral part of the state. The art and craft that is prevalent in Orissa dates back to thousands of years. Significantly the ruling monarchs of Orissa were great exponents of these art forms and therefore you will see that these items are deeply ingrained in the very tradition and socio cultural life of the people in Orissa. Not only tourism and Government of Orissa, but the temples of Orissa also promote these Crafts of Orissa in their own way. Many temples in Orissa (especially Jagannath temple in Puri) can be seen using these items. Silver Filigree or Tarakasi as it is locally known in Orissa is one of the finest and most exquisite craft works.

Cuttack is the main center of Silver Filigree work in Orissa. The artisans and craftsmen located in the nearby villages practice this craft form. The quality of silver used for making these products is of high standard and have up to 90 percent of purity. Silver wires are drawn through small holes and then soldered to create an exquisite mesh like article.

Silver Filigree work can be categorized under many items. Ornamental items like bangles, earrings, necklace, brooches, pendants are a hot favorite amongst the ladies. Decorative items like temple mould, cast of snakes and horses, animals and chariots are apt for drawing room. The utilitarian items mainly consist of bowls, ashtrays, cups, vermillion container etc. Devotional items of silver are also used in the many temples of Orissa.

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