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Talpatchitra Painting

Orissa, one of the important hubs of rich art representations, draws number of tourists, archaeologists, devotees, and researchers from different parts of the country. Having become one of the chosen destinations of many tourists far and wide, a rich variety of Arts of Orissa is on display. Talpatchitra Painting is one form of art in Orissa which holds tremendous adherence to the culture of the past of the state.

The old age usage of palm leaf writing or Talpatchitra Painting has been a famous form of art form in Orissa for a long time. Here, basically paintings are done on palm leaves and then the collection of painted palm leaves are stacked and stitched together with wooden plates for covers. Illustrations of Geet Govinda and mythological stories are depicted in these Talpatchitras. Also, religious texts, horoscope scrolls, invitation cards for weddings and others, New Year cards are customarily created on palm leaves. While you are in Orissa, you can take a peek into any one of the original paintings of this sort at the Orissa State Museum. Also some of the specimens are to be found at Delhi's National Museum.

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