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Tribal Combs

Apart from visiting Orissa's various sites of tourist interest, you can also try to know a thing or two about the varied and rich Crafts of Orissa during your trip to this place. Amongst others, a craft that is highly admired is Tribal Combs, Orissa.

Of the sixty-two tribes inhabiting the state of Orissa, 12-15 tribes have the ability and skill of comb making. A distinct trait of Orissan Tribal Community is that those who don't craft comb need not buy it. They can obtain it either in exchange of agricultural surplus or as a gift from others. In fact, Tribal Combs, Orissa are a treat to watch.

Socio-economic conditions, traditions, religious-cultural beliefs and tastes of tribes vary from community to community. You will find a variety of designs, colors, sizes, shapes and materials in these Orissa Tribal Combs. In spite of these differences, similarity may also be found sometimes between the combs of two tribal communities having similar environments and socio-economic conditions, though their uses may differ.

Tribal Combs of Orissa bear testimony to the makers' expression of love as well as its takers' acceptance. This can be observed through the variety in design and usage of combs belonging to different tribes. Some famous Orissa Tribal Combs are Juang Comb, Santal Comb, Dangaria Kandha Comb, Gamberi Sireni, Jepur Katanga Sireni, Kutia Kandha Comb, Todi Sireni, Desia Kandha Comb, Gapa Patul, Durua Comb, Kakel, Churu Bandi, Lanjia Saora Comb, Tiri Murt and Koya Comb.

So, without any more delay, plan a trip to Orissa, India in order to see and buy these eye-catching Tribal Combs of Orissa, India, either for yourself as souvenirs or as gifts for your near and dear ones.

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