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Best time to visit Orissa (Odisha)

Orissa, nestled on the eastern coast of India, unfolds a tapestry of diverse landscapes, ancient temples, and vibrant culture. This coastal gem beckons travelers year-round, offering an enriching vacation experience. The best time to visit Orissa depends on your travel preferences. Discover the unique offerings of winter, summer, and monsoon in this region to plan your perfect journey through this captivating destination.

Summers March to May 25°C - 40°C
Monsoon June to September 21°C - 32°C
Winter October to February 15°C - 25°C

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Q: What precautions should be taken during the monsoon season in Orissa?

Ans: Travelers should carry rain gear, be cautious of slippery paths, and plan activities based on weather conditions. It's advisable to check for any travel advisories related to heavy rainfall.

Q: Is wildlife safari available year-round in Orissa?

Ans: Wildlife safaris are available throughout the year, but the winter season is particularly comfortable for safaris as the weather is pleasant.

Q: Are there any specific water activities during the winter season in Orissa?

Ans: While water sports are limited in Orissa, the winter season provides optimal conditions for activities like boat rides and beach outings.