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Cultural Centers in Orissa (Odisha)

The inherent quest of a traveler to explore the tourist destination, its denizens and its innate culture spurs him to take a peek into the cultural nuances of the place. Therefore, a Tour to Orissa will definitely be followed by the quest for the culture of the state of Orissa. The magnificent forms of artwork demonstrated on the temples and monuments, the handiwork of the Oriya artisans and the beautiful artistic designs on textiles are mostly responsible for the huge number of tourists visiting the state over the years. However, the performing arts of Orissa are equally classic and it has been widely accepted and appreciated for its depth and quality. The Cultural Centers in Orissa have taken due responsibility to restore and spread the cultural varieties of the state among one and all of every generation.

The Cultural Centers in Orissa have been set up to help each individual to explore his/her respective talent in any performing art and exhibit it in front of the audience. In the process, the centers aim to help the socially deprived, the handicapped, the women in general, old people etc. They propagate views, lectures, missions and various programs directed towards the betterment of the society and its people. People's Cultural Center, Bhubaneshwar is one such center which is working towards social welfare.

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