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History of Orissa (Odisha)

To know about History of Orissa is a fascinating journey. As per the early evidences, Orissa was originally occupied by the aboriginal tribes, the Buiyas and Gonds. They restricted themselves to the forest and hills when Shanti Stupa and the Dravidian race began their settlements and slowly started occupying the region. Orissa was known as Kalinga in the early period. Kalinga is associated with the greatest Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, who, on seeing the horrors of war in his battle at the Kalinga battlefield abandoned warfare and, embraced Buddhism.

In the second century AD Kharavela commanded a strong foothold over Orissa and its neighboring area. The Hatigumpha inscription in Udayagiri near Bhubaneswar purveys with accounts about the life and flourish of Kharavela kingdom. Tour to Orissa will educate you about the interesting aspects of Orissa history. Going by the absorbing history of Orissa, the Satavahana king Goutamiputra Satakarni ruled Kalinga early in the second century. About the middle of the sixth century A.D. a chief named Ranadurjaya ruled over South Kalinga with Pishtapura as his capital.

The Guptas conquered over this region in about the 4th century AD. Till the 10th century Orissa was under the rule of the Bhaumakara dynasty which later was taken over by the Soma dynasty during 11th to 12th century. The Muslims Sultanate established their influence on Orissa during the 13th and 14th centuries. This continued till 1568. This was followed by the rule of the Mughals which lasted till the death of Aurangzeb. Orissa constituted into a separate province in 1607and Cuttack was declared its capital during the rule of Akbar's son Jahangir and his successors. Orissa enjoyed this status till the end of the reign of the Great Mughals.

History of Orissa is very ancient and dynamic which fascinates every tourist. Many rulers and dynasties have established their great influences upon the state. History of Orissa, India is still alive with many reminiscences of the past. When the Mughal Empire began to perish, the Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, Aliverdi Khan, became autonomous. The Marathas played a major role in curbing the rule of the Mughal Empire. The Maratha administration of Orissa functionally began from the year 1751 which initiated lot developments into the region. But this wonderful phase of Maratha rule could only last for about half a century. Thereafter rose the British power in the region. The treaty of Deogarh, signed on 17 December 1803, ended the Maratha rule and Orissa was under the command of British Rule.

With India gaining independence in August 1947, Orissa was declared free and added a huge territory to its land. Today Orissa has far reached its goals, adding up to immense resources of unlimited minerals, dense forests, fertile lands and numerous rivers. Orissa general info will give you an idea about the history of Orissa.


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