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Alchi Tour Packages

Alchi is a small village in Ladakh amidst the natural beauty surrounded by mighty mountains and treeless meadows. Alchi is famous for Alchi Gompa, which is at a distance of 67 km from Leh. It has temples of Rinchen Lhakhang at Lotsa Lhakhang, Sumtsag Lhakhang and Jamyang Lhakhang. There are a number of Buddhist images and statues here. Besides this, it has wall paintings that date back to 1000 A.D. depicting the spiritual ideals of Hinduism and Buddhism.

We offer a wide range of meticulously crafted Alchi tour packages with which you can explore the famous attractions of this scenic town. These tour packages are customizable and you can modify the itinerary according to your requirements. Our team of traveling experts  can help you to plan the tour.

Alchi is one of the oldest monasteries of the Leh Ladakh. It is known for the paintings of the 11th and 12th centuries. 

Attractions in Alchi

  • Alchi Monastery: It is located in the lower area of Leh Ladakh. There are many tourists who plan a one-day trip to this place.
  • Likir Monastery: There is a 22 meters high statue of Maitreya Buddha. 
  • Nubra Valley: It is known for its high-altitude cold desert in the village. The valley closes down after heavy snowfall.
  • Basgo Monastery: The place is known for its colossal Buddha statue and artwork.

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6 Days TUTC Glamping in Ladakh

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Leh – Thiksey – Hemis – Thiksey - Alchi

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FAQs about Alchi

Q: Where is Alchi situated?

Ans: Alchi is a small village in the district of Leh in Ladakh. It is based in the Likir tehsil, on the banks of the Indus River, which is nearly 70 km from the capital Leh. Alchi is basically located on lowland, not on a hilltop. It's a Buddhist Study Center too. Dhu-Kang temple is famous in Alchi.

Q: What is the best time to visit Alchi?

Ans: The best time to visit Alchi is from May to October.

Q: What kind of hotels can we get in Alchi?

Ans: Here you don't get much choice of hotels. Some of the recommended hotels are hereunder;

  •  Alchi Resort – best level
  •  Ulley Ethnic Resort - best level
  •  Ulley Eco resort – Super Deluxe
  • Zimskhang Holiday Home - Deluxe
Q: What are the nearby places you can visit while in Alchi?

Ans: You can visit Leh, Pangong, Nubra , Tso Morriri, Lamayuru etc and need minimum 7-10 days or more.

Q: What are the nearby places you can visit while in Lamayuru?

Ans: You can visit Leh, Pangong, Nubra, Tso Morriri etc need minimum 7-10 days or more.

Q: Which language is used in Alchi?

Ans: The official language is Ladakhi. It is also called Bodhi or Bhoti is the Tibetan language. Other than also knowing English.

Q: How to reach Alchi?

Ans: Please find different ways to reach Alchi.

  •  By Air: The nearest airport is Leh, 70 km away from Leh airport
  •  By Road: You can reach Leh by bus from Srinagar, which will cross Zoji La Pass, road open from June to October. Also, you can go to Leh by bus from Manali, that road is open from June to September.
  •  By Train: There's no train station to Leh.
Q: What kind of clothing is advisable in Alchi?

Ans: During the summer season, wear a full sleeve dress, light woolens, woolen socks, caps, sunglasses, woolen gloves, windproof jackets, etc. During winter times, heavy woolens, windproof jackets, socks, monkey caps, woolen gloves, Sunglasses, etc.

Q: Which currency is used in Leh/Alchi?

Ans: Indian Rupees.

Q: What are the most important festivals in Alchi and nearby?

Ans: There is no festival in Alchi in nearby areas. You can attend the festivals in the nearby towns. Some of the festivals are as below;

  •  Hemis festival
  •  Losar Festival
  •  Sindhu Darshan festival
  •  Dosmoche Festival
  •  Saka Dawa festival
  •  Matho Nagrang festival
  •  Ladakh festival
  •  Stok Guru festival
  •  Yuru Kabgyat festival
  •  Ladakh Harvest festival
Q: What are the best things to buy in Alchi?

Ans: The main shopping center is Leh. In Alchi, you can get a handicraft market in the temple complex, can buy jewelry, Pearls, Handicraft products, etc.

Q: What kind of adventure activities can be done in Alchi?

Ans: Alchi is famous for trekking and rafting:

  • Zanskar river and Indus river are perfect for rafting.
  • You can do the Alchi-Lamayuru trekking.
Q: What are things you need to keep in mind when planning the Alchi/Leh tour?

Ans: Some of the points to mind are as follows during the Ladakh tour;

  •  Day 01 is for acclimatizing. It is for you to adjust to climate and weather.
  •  Listen to the local agent's instructions properly, don't be overconfident.
  •  Don't drink and drive.
  •  Don't take a dip in the lake.
  •  Do not underestimate the mountain sickness.
  •  Don't forget about the inner line permit, which requires for restricted area visit.
  •  Do not litter.
  • Children below 05- 06 years are not advisable for Leh-Ladakh travel, as Ladakh is in very high altitude guests face breathing problems etc. So the child is at least able to express everything if there is any medical problem faced.
Q: What are the main cuisines of Alchi?

Ans: In Leh, you will get so many local dishes you must try to taste. Some of them are listed below;

  •  Skyu – a kind of Soup
  •  Yarkhandi Pulao
  •  Yak Cheese Pizza
  •  Rogan Josh
  •  Gushtaba
  •  Tangtur – a kind of buttermilk
  •  Momos
  •  Ishan
  •  Yakhni – nog veg
  •  Paba – a kind of bread
  •  Pad Thai- a noodle dish
  •  Har Gow- a kind of steamed dumpling
  •  Qahwa – An essential drink, on the day of arrival in Leh, advisable to have this whole day in small quantities.
  •  Thukpa – A Tibetan Soup
  •  Butter Tea
Q: Is there any popular dance form in Ladakh?

Ans: Jabru is the main dance form in Ladakh celebrated in all festivals, Man and Woman perform this dance festival, and Tibetan New year or Losar is celebrated with this Jabru dance.