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Coimbatore Tour Packages

Coimbatore, the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu, is frequently referred to as the "Manchester of South India" and is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Located on River Noyyal, the place is a significant hub for the textile, education, commercial, and IT sectors.

In Coimbatore, camping and trekking are two trendy activities. If you're searching for a thrill, don't forget to check out the city's most thrilling trekking trails, including the Thalaiyar Falls excursion, the Dhoni Hills hike, and the VellariMala trek, and the Perumal Peak trek. Koyampuththoor has replaced Coimbatore as the city's legal name. The goal was to bring the city's name closer to its original Tamil name.

Tamil is the primary language used in Coimbatore. However, the Kongu Tamil dialect of Tamil is spoken by the vast majority of city dwellers. The city's inhabitants also speak Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Urdu. English is less standard among native speakers than the official languages.

Places to visit in Coimbatore

A lover of nature would definitely adore Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. There are many beautiful locations in Coimbatore, from stunning waterfalls to verdant woods and undulating valleys. You are drawn to this exquisite location in South India by the expanses of tea and coffee plantations, wildlife parks, and foggy hills.

Vydehi Falls

About 35 kilometers separate Coimbatore city from the Vydehi waterfalls. Visitors to Coimbatore should make a point of seeing the Vydehi waterfalls since it is one of the most well-known places and renowned for its beauty.

Adiyogi Shiva Statue

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue, the largest bust statue of the revered Hindu deity Shiva in the world, is surrounded by lush green farms at the foot of the Velliangiri Mountains in the Western Ghats. It is made of 500 tons of steel. A 112-foot-tall sculpture may be found in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, at the Isha Yoga Complex.

Kovai Kondattam

In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Kovai Kondattam is an amusement park around 2 km from Perur. Kodai Kondattam is an environmentally friendly theme park and a fun-filled location perfect for endless entertainment with friends and family.

Marudhamalai hill temple

The Marudhamalai hill temple is situated in the Western Ghats highlands at a towering elevation of 500 feet. The temple is 15 km northwest of Coimbatore City and has a beautiful, energizing atmosphere. Vehicles are permitted to travel past the Marudhamalai temple, and the devasthanam has authorized three buses to access the temple on top of the hill's lower slope.

Ayyappan Temple

The Sree Ayyappan Temple, a prominent temple honoring Lord Sree Ayyappa, is situated in the heart of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. The construction of this temple in Coimbatore followed the same design principles as the original Sabarimala Temple in Kerala.

Best time to visit Coimbatore

Coimbatore is an incredibly dynamic city that draws visitors from all over the world. Numerous tourists like exploring and traveling across this city because of its pleasant year-round climate. While the winters are not very chilly, the summers are hot and muggy.

Furthermore, this location always experiences torrential rain during the monsoon season. Therefore, September to March is the ideal time to visit Coimbatore. However, the weather is pleasant and delightful, making it appropriate to schedule a trip to Coimbatore.

How to reach Coimbatore

Coimbatore, which lies in western Tamil Nadu, is conveniently accessible from anywhere in India and the rest of the world. Coimbatore Foreign Airport is the main airport serving the city, which offers direct connections to 12 domestic and 3 international locations.

In addition, Coimbatore is well-connected to several other cities by a good road and rail system, including Chennai, Madurai, Kochi, and Mysore. Learn more about how to get to Coimbatore's airport, train stations, and roads.


Best Coimbatore Holiday Packages

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Southern Tea Estate Tour

6 N / 7 D

Cochin (Kochi) - Munnar - Ooty - Coimbatore

Price On Request
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  • Sightseeing in Cochin
  • City tour in Munnar
  • Visit Rajamalai National Park
  • Leisure walks amid tea estates
  • Sightseeing in Ooty
  • Savor delightful tastes

Short Escape Ooty Tour

3 N / 4 D

Coimbatore - Ooty - Coimbatore

Price On Request
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South India Golf Tour

5 N / 6 D

Coimbatore – Kodaikanal – Ooty – Coimbatore

Price On Request
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Short Escape Kodaikanal Tour

3 N / 4 D

Coimbatore/Madurai – Kodaikanal - Coimbatore/Madurai

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4 Days Tour to Ooty

3 N / 4 D

Coimbatore - Ooty - Coonoor

Price On Request
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Blue Mountain with Karnataka

6 N / 7 D

Coimbatore - Ooty - Devala - Mysore - Bangalore

Price On Request
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India Golf Tours

20 N / 21 D

Delhi - Chandigarh - Shimla - Delhi - Kolkata - Chennai - Coimbatore - Ooty - Bangalore - Mumbai

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Showing : 1-7 out of 7

Faq about Coimbatore Tour Package

Q: Where is Coimbatore Located?

Ans: Coimbatore is a District situated in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu after Chennai. Coimbatore, because of its textile industry, is often referred to as The Manchester of South India (although Ahmedabad is the main Manchester of India). Coimbatore is one of the largest exporter of Auto Components, Jewellery & Kovai Cotton Saree.

Q: How to Reach Coimbatore?

Ans: You can reach Coimbatore by Air & by Road.

Nearest Airports:

  • Coimbatore approx 10kms / 30min
  • Calicut approx 163kms / 4hrs
  • Cochin approx 166kms / 4hrs
  • Trichy (Tiruchirapalli) approx 220kms / 5½hrs
  • Madurai approx 232kms / 6hrs

Nearest main Railway Station :

  • Coimbatore approx 3kms / 10min
  • Tiruppur approx 55kms / 1½hrs
  • Palakkad approx 54kms / 1½hrs
  • Pollachi approx 45kms / 1½hrs

Nearby Important tourist destinations.

  • Ooty approx 90kms / 2½hrs
  • Coonoor approx 70kms / 2hrs
  • Palakkad approx 54kms / 1½hrs
  • Munnar approx 157kms / 4hrs
Q: How is the weather in Coimbatore and Best time to visit Coimbatore?

Ans: The best time to visit Coimbatore is during winter. During summer the temperature rises to 40 degrees. During rainy season, the showers are moderate.

Q: Which are the places of visit or activities to enjoy in Coimbatore?

Ans: The following are the main attractions at Coimbatore.

Marudhamalai Hill Templeis main temple in Coimbatore. It is situated highland and the main deity is Lord Muruga (Lord Subramanya).

Isha foundation centreis located 30kms from Coimbatore. It is a non-profit Spiritual organisation by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Isha yoga centre offers yoga programs. Adiyogi Shiva Statue here is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is placed in the Guinness World Book of Records as the largest Bust Statue. Dhyanalinga is meditation & yoga centre.

Gedee Car Museumis located 3kms from the Coimbatore. The museum hosts a collection of Unique cars.

Black Thunder Theme Parkis located 35kms from Coimbatore. This is a water theme park situated near Mettupalyam. The park offers about 40 rides.

Temples to visit:Perur Pateeswarar Temple (Must visit), Velliangiri Hill Temple, Sree Ayyappan Temple, Eachanari Vinayagar Temple, Masani Amman Temple, Puliakulam Vinayagar Temple, Naga Sai Mandir & Ramar Temple.

Q: How can I spend 2 days in Coimbatore?

Ans: Spending days exploring in Coimbatore is not a big deal at all. Many tourist attractions like Ayyappan Temple, the Adiyogi Shiva Statue, Kovai Kondattam, and much more can be explored in a two-day Coimbatore tour.


Q: Is driving to Ooty safe from Coimbatore?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to drive. Only you should have prior driving experience in hilly terrain. There are several ways to get from Coimbatore to Ooty.

Q: How far is Munnar from Coimbatore?

Ans: The distance from Munnar to Coimbatore is 156 km. Therefore, the most affordable way to reach from Coimbatore to Munnar is by train to Tiruppur, then take a cab to Munnar.

Q: How can I go to Ooty from Coimbatore?

Ans: The bus to Ooty is the fastest and least expensive way to travel from Coimbatore to Ooty. It will take 2 hours and 30 minutes. The quickest way from Coimbatore to Ooty is by taxi, which takes 51 minutes. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to go by bus from Coimbatore to Ooty.

Q: How much does a Coimbatore trip cost?

Ans: The trip price depends upon many factors, like whether you are a solo or group traveler and how many days you want to spend in Coimbatore. If you are looking for a two-day trip, consider the cost of 12,000 to 15,000.