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Gwalior Tour Packages

Known for its ancient temples, palaces and beautiful monuments, Gwalior is the tourist capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city is well-known to preserve the rich culture and heritage of the country. Because of its popular historic monuments, Gwalior is also given the name of ‘pearl in the necklace of the forts of Hind’.

The historic monuments, museums and forts of the city make every visitor flip back the pages of the bygone era. Gwalior offers every visitor with a unique blend of history and modernity.

Gwalior has much to offer in the name of tourist attractions. Phool Bagh, Gwalior Fort, Suraj Kund, Hathi Pool, Man Mandir Palace and Jai Vilas Mahal are some popular attractions of Gwalior which promise to leave you mesmerized. These attractions are so spectacular that they allure tourists from all over the world. Each and every corner of the city speaks of its glorious past. This is why, Gwalior holds a special position in the history of India.

The best way to explore the rich and glorious past of the city is through Gwalior tour packages from Indian Holiday. These tour packages have been specially designed to offer a great holiday to all the tourists. 


List of Gwalior Holiday Packages

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Splendors of Madhya Pradesh

18 N / 19 D

Delhi - Indore - Omkareshwar - Maheshwar - Mandu - Ujjain - Bhopal - Sanchi - Bhimbetka - Bhojpur - Pachmarhi - Kanha - Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho - Orchha - Gwalior - Agra

Per Person
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Gwalior Orchha Khajuraho Tour

4 N / 5 D

Gwalior - Orchha - Khajuraho

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Golden Triangle with Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh

13 N / 14 D

Delhi - Udaipur - Ajmer - Pushkar - Jaipur - Agra - Gwalior - Khajuraho - Orchha - Delhi - Amritsar - Delhi

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  • Explore the gems of Delhi
  • Sightseeing tour to Udaipur
  • Seek blessings at Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Visit the marvels of Agra
  • Take part in aarti at Brahma Temple
  • Excursion to tourist spots in Gwalior
  • Pay homage at temples in Khajuraho
  • Trip to attractions of Jaipur

Central India Temples with Taj

9 N / 10 D

Delhi - Varanasi - Khajuraho - Orchha - Shivpuri - Gwalior - Agra - Delhi

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  • Delhi city tour
  • Rejoice boat ride in Varanasi
  • Explore Varanasi Temples
  • Excursion to Orchha
  • Guided tour to Khajuraho Temples
  • Photograph morning views of Taj Mahal

Central India & Gujarat Tour

14 N / 15 D

Mumbai - Bhavnagar - Ahmadabad - Ujjain - Mandu - Indore - Bhopal - Gwalior - Agra / Delhi

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  • Mumbai sightseeing tour
  • Visit UNESCO Site Elephanta Caves
  • Explore Jain Temples in Palitana
  • Explore charms of UNESCO City Ahmadabad
  • Ujjain excursion
  • Step back in the past at Mandu
  • Day trip to the Maheshwar
  • Pray at Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga
  • Seek Sanchi for Buddha’s wisdom
  • Sightseeing in Gwalior
  • Visit the Taj Mahal, Agra
  • Mesmerize in sights of Delhi

Central India Train Tour

9 N / 10 D

Delhi - Agra - Gwalior - Jhansi - Bhopal - Indore - Delhi

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Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh Tour

19 N / 20 D

Delhi - Khajuraho - Jhansi - Gwalior - Bhopal - Indore - Ahmedabad - Zainabad - Rajkot - Sasangir - Mandvi - Bhavnagar - Ahmedabad - Mumbai

Price On Request
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  • Old Delhi sightseeing
  • Explore Khajuraho temples
  • Visit Orchha
  • City tour of Gwalior
  • Excursion to Sanchi
  • Unveil mysteries of Bhimteka caves
  • Day trip to Mandu
  • Enjoy at the Rann of Kutch
  • Delight in Wildlife Safari
  • Offer prayers at Somnath

Medieval Heritage of India

17 N / 18 D

Delhi - Varanasi - Khajuraho - Orchha - Gwalior - Shivpuri - Ujjain - Mandu - Bhopal - Sanchi - Bhopal - Pachmarhi - Jabalpur - Mumbai

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  • Sightseeing in Delhi
  • Excursion to Sarnath
  • Guided tour of Varanasi
  • Explore mesmerizing Orchha
  • Marvel at fine frescoes and mural paintings
  • Gwalior sightseeing
  • Explorative tour to Shivpuri
  • Attend Bhasm Aarti at Ujjain
  • Guided Mandu
  • Enjoy sights of Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh With Tiger Safari

21 N / 22 D

Mumbai – Delhi – Agra – Gwalior – Orchha – Khajuraho – Bandhavgarh – Kanha National Park – Jabalpur – Bhopal – Ujjain – Indore – Mandu – Vadodara – Ahmedabad – Mumbai

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  • Visit the top attractions of Mumbai
  • Tour to Elephant caves
  • Delhi sightseeing tour
  • Discover the wonders of Agra
  • Gwalior city tour
  • Covering major attractions of Chanderi
  • Visit Jehangir Mahal in Orchha
  • Wildlife safari in Bandhavgarh
  • Game drive at Kanha
  • Discover the attractions of Bhopal
  • Visit Sanchi and its tourist spots
  • Excursion to Ujjain

3 Days Tour to Gwalior

2 N / 3 D


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3 Days Tour to Gwalior and Chanderi

2 N / 3 D


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Madhya Pradesh Heritage Tour

5 N / 6 D

Bhopal- Chanderi- Gwalior- Orchha- Khajuraho

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North India Tour

19 N / 20 D

Delhi - Varanasi - Khajuraho - Orchha - Gwalior - Agra - Jaipur – Chhatra sagar - Deogarh - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Delhi

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Golden Triangle with Tigers

20 N / 21 D

Delhi - Jaipur - Ranthambore (Sawali Madhopur)- Agra - Gwalior - Shivpuri - Orchha - Khajuraho – Bandhavgarh- Kanha - Raipur - Delhi

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22 Days North India Museums and Architecture Tour

21 N / 22 D

Mumbai - Aurangabad - Udaipur - Sardargarh - Ranakpur-jodhpur - Jaipur - Fatehpur Sikri - Agra - Gwalior - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Delhi

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Showing : 1-15 out of 15

FAQs about Gwalior Tours

Q: Where is Gwalior situated?

Ans: Gwalior is situated in the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. A major city & district of Madhya Pradesh, the historic city and its fortress have been ruled by several historic northern Indian kingdoms.

Q: What is the best time to visit Gwalior?

Ans: The best time to visit Gwalior is from October to March.

Q: What are the most popular tourist places to visit in Gwalior?

Ans: Gwalior is renowned for its historical landmarks, temple, monuments, and forts. The most important places to visit in Gwalior are as follows:

  • Gwalior Fort - It’s a must visit tourist attraction, which includes several temples, palaces and water tanks. The palaces includes Man Mandir palace, Jahangir Mahal, Sahjahan Mahal, Gujari Mahal, Karan Mahal. Teli Ka Mandir and Sas-Bahu temples are the Hindu temples there with rich architecture. The fort is spread in three square kms and is situated on the top of hills near Gwalior city.
  • Jai Vilas palace - It was constructed by Jayajirao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior in 1874. It was built to extend a great honor to Prince of Wales, King Edward VII during his visit to India in 1875. It is having 400 rooms made of marble floor, Persian carpets, luxury fittings, decorations and antique collection from all over the world. There is a very big library having 7000 books. Apart from this, Durbar hall and the banquet hall are the most important attraction of this palace.
  • Rajmata Vijayraje Scindia turned this palace into a museum in the memory of Maharaja Jivajirao Scindia after his death. It’s open to public with an entry fee for both Indians (Rs. 10) and Foreigners (Rs. 700).
  • After the visiting hours, visitors have the option for dinner/Hi tea in palace lawns. One can also hire a few designated spaces of the palace for organizing any occasion in a Royal manner.
  • Sas Bahu temple - Sas Bahu temple is also known as Sas Bahu Mandir, Sahastrabahu temple or Harisadanam temple is a twin temple located in Gwalior fort. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Padmanabha form.
  • Teli ka Mandir - This temple is located in Gwalior Fort, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Matrikas. It is famous for its architecture, which is a mix of North and South Indian architecture.
  • Sun Temple - This temple is dedicated to Sun god and famous for its wonderful architecture and was constructed by industrialist G. D. Birla.
Q: What other nearby places I can visit along with Gwalior?

Ans: Bandhavgarh & Kanha both are the best national parks for tiger sighting.You can cover the following nearby tourist places along with Gwalior tour:

  • Khajuraho
  • Orchha
  • Agra
  • Bandhavgarh
  • Bhopal
  • Shivpuri
  • Pench
  • Kanha
Q: What kind of hotels we can get in Gwalior?

Ans:You can get all kind of hotels ranging from economy to 5 star category, although 5 star hotels are few. Some of the recommended hotels are as follows:

  • Usha Kiran palace – 5*star
  • Radisson Gwalior – 5*star
  • Gwalior Regency – 4*star
  • Clarkes Inn suites – 4*star
  • Hotel Central Park – 3*star
  • Tansen Residency – 3*star
Q: What language do the people of Gwalior speak?

Ans: The official languages are Hindi and English. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in Gwalior

Q: How to reach Gwalior?

Ans: Gwalior is well connected by train, air and bus.
By Air: Easy connectivity to Gwalior city via direct flight to Gwalior airport from the major cities in India.
By Road: Gwalior is well connected by bus from neighboring cities and states.
By Train: Gwalior station is the main railway station for the city. There are direct trains to Gwalior from other major cities in India.

Q: What variety of cuisine is available in Gwalior?

Ans: The must try foods/snacks in Gwalior are Gajhak, Jalebi with Rabri, Bedai - a Poori stuffed with spiced lentils, Samosa, Kachori etc.

Q: What are the best things to buy in Gwalior?

Ans: If you are visiting Gwalior and want to shop there, you can buy the following things as a souvenir or to gift someone.

    Chanderi Sari
    Hand-woven fabrics
    Tribal jewelry
    Dhokra metal handicrafts

Q: What are the most important festival in Gwalior?

Ans:Although all the festivals are celebrated in Gwalior, but the most important festivals are Ganesh Chaturthi, Makar Sankranti, Rang Panchami. The main celebrated festivals (Cultural and rituals) are as follows:

  • Tansen Samaroh festival – This festival is celebrated near the tomb of Tansen. This festival is celebrated to give tribute to the Musical maestro Tansen. It is a 4 day festival, in which artists, musicians from all over the world participate.
  • Baredi festival – This festival is celebrated after the day of Diwali by the male dancers of AHIR community of Bundelkhand.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi – Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as per Hindu Calendar in the month of “Bhadra” or August-September, on the 4th day of moon (Shukla Chaturthi) . It is the birthday of Lord Ganesh, who is the symbol of wisdom, fortune and prosperity. Idol of Lord Ganesh is placed at home or in public places and worshiped there for 1-11 days and on the last day, the idol is immersed traditionally in water.
  • Makar Sankranti – Makar Sankranti is celebrated in the month of January on 14th, sometimes on 15th Jan also. It is mainly a harvest festival and dedicated to the deity Sun. It is the first day of Sun’s transition into Makara (Capricon). It is celebrated in many ways and people prepare variety of dishes & fly kites on this day.
  • Diwali festival – It is one of the main festivals of Gwalior, Goddess of Wealth Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped in this festival. People decorate their houses with Diya’s (oil lamps) and lights. Sweets and gifts are distributed amongst relatives, neighbors and friends. Families celebrate festival together and variety of dishes are prepared on this day.
  • Holi festival – It is the festival of color in which people play with colors, water and distribute a special sweet called “Gujiya”. The night before Holi, pyres are burnt which signify the burning of Holika, a demon.
Q: How many days are required for Gwalior visit?

Ans: 3 Days is the ideal duration to visit the most important tourist attractions of Gwalior city. But, if you want to explore more tourist places, then you need 7 to 10 days.