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Kanchipuram Tour Packages

Kanchipuram tour packages let you meet with the history, spirituality, and art at one place. Blessed with thousands of temples, awe-inspiring architecture, and historical monuments, Kanchipuram is the beating heart of Tamil Nadu. Whether you call it a temple city or an ancient gem of India, the charm of this city is matchless and offers beauty in multi ways.

With our tour packages, you will witness the tourist attractions of Kanchipuram including beautiful temples, forts, and sanctuaries. Nowonder! It is a popular destination among history buffs, pilgrims, nature lovers, and enthusiast travelers.

Kancheepuram is also renowned for its Kanjivaram Sarees that reflect the excellence of craftsmanship. This golden city of thousands temples is more than thousands years old and has the incredible charm of history. It's fascinating past is still peeping from its historical monuments. Kanchipuram has different shades of beauty to paint your vacation beautifully. Whether you are history buff, nature lover, or seeking spirituality, Kanchipuran never disappoint you.

Why Visit Kanchipuram

The structure and decor of monuments of this beautiful gem of south India are matchless. Each side of Kanchipuram has the potential to grab your attention whether it's ancient temples, historical structures, or its biodiversity. Kanchipuram is home to numerous temples. But of the 108 holy temples of Lord Vishnu, 15 are settled in Kanchipuram, which makes this city more special. Undoubtedly, this city is significant for both Shaivism and Sri Vaishnavism. Apart from that, it has gained fame for its hand-woven silk sarees. A visit to Kanchipuram lets you cover the different shades of attractions that give you an adorable painting of unforgettable memories. When you explore Kanchipuram, you will realize that the vibe of this city is just something else. 

Places to Visit in Kanchipuram for Profound Experience

You can get many places to visit in Kanchipuram that will grab your attention and leave you amazed. A sightseeing tour of Kanchipuram gives you a replenishing break that makes a place in your heart forever. When you stroll in this city, a combination of mundane and celestial tourist attractions will blow your mind.

You will notice that ancient history and spirituality sprinkles unique charms that entice you to explore each side. The city has its charm that makes your vacation blissful in a beautiful manner. Its ancient temples, historical forts, wildlife sanctuary, and local markets are its magnetism. Each contrast of Kanchipuram holds an attraction to make your vacation blissful. Here is the list of the best places to visit in Kanchipuram.

  • Kamakshi Amman Temple:-Attend the morning prayer
  • Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam:- Get peace of mind by enroll yourself in meditation
  • Kailasanathar Temple:- Connect with Spirituality, tranquility, and witness Tamil architecture
  • Kanchi Kudil:-  Peek into the history of Kanchipuram
  • Ekambareswarar Temple:- Pay a visit to one of the largest temples of Tamil Nadu
  • Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary:- Behold the wonderful sight of nature and enjoy birdwatching
  • Varadaraja Temple:-Take blessings from Lord Vishnu and witness the majestic architecture of 32 shrines

Best Time to Visit Kanchipuram for Peaceful Journey

Knowing the best time to visit Kanchipuram allows you to make your vacation smooth and comfortable. Even for any vacation needs planning and the climate condition always plays an important role. While considering the weather condition of Kanchipuram, October to March is the ideal time to create memories with this gem of South India. During this time, the temperature ranges between 19 to 29 degrees Celsius. It is the pleasant climate that allows you to enjoy your vacation peacefully.

If we enlighten the remaining seasons, then Kanchipuram experiences humidity and hotness. In monsoon, heavy rainfall may become a barrier in your Kanchipuram tour. In simple words, the summer is a little bit hot in Kanchipuram whereas, Winter is cool and windy. But monsoon brings heavy rainfall therefore, it is better to avoid monsoon season for Kanchipuram.

Fairs and Festivals of Kanchipuram to Link with Celebration

Many fairs and festivals of Kanchipuram are celebrated throughout the year with great enthusiasm and gaiety. When you know about the connection of the festival with the beautiful culture of Kanchipuram, you will be excited to be a part of those festivals. Apart from its architectural structure, sacred temples, natural beauty, and Silk Saree, the thing that brings Kanchipuram into the glare of tourists is its festivals.

Check out the below list to be a part of these festivals in Kanchipuram.

Masi Mahotsavam: It is a 21-days festival that is celebrated in February- March at Kamakshi Amman Temple. This festival is celebrated in two parts- the first part is celebrated for 12 days when the Lord is taken in procession on the vehicles. And the second part is celebrated for nine days.

Mahashivratri: This festival is also held in February-March at the Kailasanathar Temple in the honor of Lord Shiva. At this time, Young girls and married women fast to appease Lord Shiva. In March, the Panguni Uthiram festival is also celebrated with great zeal.

Brahmotsavam: It is a 10-days festival that is celebrated at Varadaraja Temple in May to honor Lord Varadaraja and his two wives- Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Celebrations hold a ceremonial bath of the statue of the presiding lord and a mighty parade following the ritual bath. The Garuda Utsavam festival is part of the Brahmotsavam Festival when Lords from the neighboring temples are embraced at the Varadaraja Temple.

Temple Car Festival: This festival is also famous as the Varadaraja Perumal Rath Yatra. It is arranged on the 9th day of the Brahmotsavam Festival when the icon of the Lord Varadaraja Perumal is carried in a procession. This parade is carried out on enormous wooden chariots while the beat of drums and the chanting of the Vishnu Mantra.

Silk Tourism Festival: This is one of the most famous festivals of Kanchipuram that is celebrated in October. During this festival, you will witness the rich art and culture of Kanchipuram. In October-November, the Navaratri Festival is also held and you can connect with spirituality. During Navratri, the temple is imposingly decorated, and the Goddess is adorned with precious gemstones, ornaments, and colorful clothes.

Float Festival: This festival is celebrated in February and November at Varadaraja Temple with pomp and enthusiasm.

Temples in Kanchipuram For a Strong Spiritual Connection

Being famous as The City of Thousands Temples, Kanchipuram is one of the most sacred cities in southern India. It is also renowned as Kanchi and counted as a significant holy pilgrimage for Hindus. With so many to choose from, numerous volley of thoughts hitting you hard regarding must-visit-temples of Kanchipuram. By looking at this condition, we have curated a list of worth-visiting temples. This list introduces the magnificent stone carvings, chariot processions, and shrines that you can admire throughout the trip.

These temples of Kanchipuram reflect the outstanding architecture, religious significance, and rich history that attracts devotees, archaeological enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Blessed with numerous temples, Kanchipuram has a special place in the heart of Hindu Devotees. We have made a list of must-visit temples along with their opening timings.

  • Kailasanathar Temple:  5:30 to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Varadharaja Perumal Temple: 6:00 am to 11: am and 4:00 pm
  • Kamakshi Amman Temple:  5:30 am to 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Chitragupta Temple: 5:00 am to 12:00 pm and 5:00pm to 11:00 pm
  • Devaraja Swami:  6:00 am to 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 8: 30 pm
  • Vaikunta Perumal Temple:  6:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4: 00 pm to 6: 00 pm
  • Ulagalantha Perumal Temple: 6:00 am to 6:30 pm

Things to do in Kanchipuram for Insightful Traveling

The list of things to do in Kanchipuram gives you a connection of culture, tradition, history, art, beauty, and fun. Being the ancient city that still charms travelers by holding the marks of history, Kanchipuram is fascinating in multiple ways. If you want to dig out the past with your curiosity, you can explore the temples and monuments. The aura and charm of this historical city can fill your heart with bliss just by strolling in the city. You can make your Kanchipuram tour more delightful by enjoying this city in a multidimensional way.

  • Stroll in local Market and Shop
  • Connect with locals to know more about the culture and lifestyle
  • Explore the museum to collect some interesting details of history
  • Admire and Witness the art of Temples
  • Relive the past by visiting the old-time forts
  • You can take part in Eco-tourism program at RIDE (Ruler Institute for Development Education)

How to Reach Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is located in Tamil Nadu and can be reached by any major city in India. Reaching by air is one of the fastest ways to get into this city. Choosing railway mode gives comfort to your pocket and budget, where a road trip is for the adventurous soul. Kanchipuram has good connectivity whether we talk about air, rail, or road. Here are the details on how you can reach Kanchipuram by air, road, and train.  

By Air:
The nearest airport from Kanchipuram is Chennai International Airport and is located around 64 km from Kanchipuram. This airport has good connectivity with major cities of India, like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Kolkata. After landing at the airport, you can take a taxi, cab or bus to reach Kanchipuram and it takes around 2 hours.

By Train:
Kanchipuram Railway Station is well-connected with our cities. You need to keep in mind that there, not many express trains that stop at Kanchipuram.

By Road:
A good network of roads makes the road trip more comfortable and fascinating for tourists. The distance between Chennai and Kanchipuram is around 75 km that you can cover by bus, taxi, or cab. The bus services connect this holy city with Bangalore, Pondicherry, Thiruppathi, Thiruvannamalai, and other places.

Some Useful Travel Tips for Kanchipuram

  • Try to explore the city by walking as much as possible
  • Keep in mind the festival's date while planning your vacation
  • Learn more about the culture and tradition with locals
  • Participate in the cultural program to connect with the vibe
  • Respect the culture and follow the rules and regulation
  • Do not take photographs of locals without their permission.
  • A visit to RIDE for a rare experience
  • Dress appropriately while visiting the temples.
  • Keep your eyes on temple timing before planning to visit.
  • Choose the season that is pleasant for enjoying the sightseeing


Popular Kanchipuram Sightseeing Tours

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Tamil Nadu Golden Triangle Tour

4 N / 5 D

Chennai - Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram

Price On Request
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South India Religious Tour

5 N / 6 D

Chennai – Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Trichy - Madurai

Price On Request
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Chennai Pondicherry Tour

5 N / 6 D

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mamallapooram - Tiruvannamalai - Pondicherry

Price On Request
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Great India Chennai Tour

4 N / 5 D

Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Kanchipuram - Tanjore

Price On Request
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South India Temple Tour

5 N / 6 D

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Sawamimalai - Tanjore

Price On Request
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Chennai Mahabalipuram Tour

2 N / 3 D

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Chennai

Price On Request
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Complete Tamilnadu Tour

13 N / 14 D

Chennai – Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Thanjavur - Trichy - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Madurai - Chennai

Price On Request
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South India Tour from Mumbai

10 N / 11 D

Mumbai - Madurai - Chettinad - Trichy - Tanjore - Mahabalipuram - Kanchipuram - Chennai

Price On Request
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Andaman Tamil Nadu Tour from Chennai

13 N / 14 D

Chennai- Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Thanjavur - Trichy - Port Blair - Havelock Island - Chennai

Price On Request
View Details Enquire Now
  • Chennai sightseeing tour
  • Guided tour to Kanchipuram
  • Explore Mahabalipuram
  • Enjoy at Pondicherry
  • Visit Thanjavur
  • Excursion to Trichy
  • Delight in Island Hopping
  • Unwind at Havelock Island
  • Enjoy at Radhanagar Beach
  • Visit Mount Harriet

16 Days Tamil Nadu Kerala Tour

15 N / 16 D

Chennai - Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Tanjore (Thanjavur) - Madurai/Chettinad/Kodaikanal – Munnar - Cochin (Kochi) – Mararikulam - Chennai

Price On Request
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  • Excursion to Chennai
  • Explore monuments of Mahabalipuram
  • Enjoy Tanjore city tour
  • Guided tour of Madurai/Chettinad
  • Day trip to Kodaikanal
  • Sightseeing in Munnar
  • Outing to Cochin
  • Cruise on the backwaters

Southern India Peninsular Tour

15 N / 16 D

Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Kanchipuram - Pondicherry - Swami Mailer - Swami Malai - Tanjore - Trichy - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Kodaikanai - Madurai - Kanya Kumari - Kovalam - Periyar - Kottayam - Alleppey - Cochin - Ooty - Coonoor - Chennai

Price On Request
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Sacred South India Temple Tour

11 N / 12 D

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry - Chidambaram - Velankanni - Tanjore/Trichy - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari - Trivandrum

Price On Request
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Southern India with Ayurveda Tour

14 N / 15 D

Mumbai - Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) - Thanjavur - Swamimalai - Trichy - Chennai

Price On Request
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Showing : 1-13 out of 13

Browse through Kanchipuram Tour Packages and choose the one that suits you best. You may also choose to customize your own trip.

FAQs of Kanchipuram Tours

Q: Where is the Kanchipuram city located?

Ans: The city of Kanchipuram is located in the northeast of the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of the Vegavathy River. It is around 80 kms. from the capital city Chennai.

Q: For what Kanchipuram is famous?

Ans: Kanchipuram is a popular city which is famous for its ancient temples built around 8th century AD, the city is having high cultural & ritual values which has great significance in building & maintaining the essence of Hinduism. Earlier, Kanchipuram was also a centre for scholars to learn Tamil and Sanskrit languages. Moreover, the city is also very famous for its silk generally famous as Kanjeevaram silk.

Q: Nearest airport to reach Kanchipuram?

Ans: The nearest airport is Chennai international airport. From there, you can reach Kanchipuram in about 1.5 hrs. after covering the distance of around 70 kms.

Q: Can you suggest some places to visit in Kanchipuram?

Ans: Some of the important places to visit in Kanchipuram include:

Kailasanathar Temple: This temple is dedicated to lord Kamakshi. Along with Meenakshi temple of Madurai & Akilandeswari temple in Thiruvanaikaval these three temples are the important centres of worshiping the Goddess.

Ekambaranatha Temple: The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is one of the tallest temple towers in India, in which tallest is the southern tower, with 11 stories and a height of 58.5216 metres.

Vaikunda Perumal Temple: This temple is the most prominent temple of Vishnu, who is worshipped as Vaikuntanathan (Lord Paramapadanathan) and his consort Lakshmi as Vaikundavalli.

Kanchi Kamakshi temple: In this temple people worship of Goddess Parvati & it is one of the 108 Divya Desam of Vaishanavities.

Devrajaswami Temple: With a notable marriage hall, the temple is established in a memory of the marriage of Lord Vishnu and his companion Devi Laxmi.

Q: What is the best time to visit Kanchipuram?

Ans: Around the year in Kanchipuram temperature remains hot generally but yes from October to March it has a comparatively low temperature at morning & night you can feel pleasant.

Q: Is there any railway station in Kanchipuram?

Ans: Yes, it is by the name of Kanchipuram railway station with a station code "CJ".

Q: Is camera allowed in the temples of Kanchipuram?

Ans: No. Actually, in most of the famous temples camera or clicking a photo is not allowed. Moreover, in some temples no electronic thing is allowed as well & you have to keep those things in a locker.

Q: How much is the distance between Kanchipuram & Mahabalipuram?

Ans: The distance between Kanchipuram & Mahabalipuram is around 70 kms. which can be covered easily by surface in around 1.5 hrs.

Q: From Chennai can I cover Kanchipuram & reach Mahabalipuram in a same day?

Ans: Yes, it is due to the proximity of these cities to each-other, generally itineraries are made in such a way only which is also suitable for the tourists as well.

Q: What to buy in Kanchipuram during shopping?

Ans: One of the finest and beautiful hand-woven sarees in the world, the Kanjeevaram silks of Kanchipuram are a must buy for the tourist. The borders of some of the Kanjeevarams are made from pure gold and silver threads. You can also check out the glittering, lustrous Kanjeevarams.

Apart from sarees you can buy decorative items, jewellery boxes and idols of various Gods and Goddesses. Made of stone, bronze, copper, stone and jute they make good souvenirs and gifts.

Q: What is the land area of Kanchipuram?

Ans: In terms of land area Kanchipuram has around 1148 square kilometres with a population around 14.4 lakhs.

Q: What are the other popular cities I can visit along with Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu?

Ans: While planning to visit Kanchipuram you can also plan to visit Chennai, Tirupati, Mahabalipuram, Tiruvannamalai, Pondicherry, Tanjore, Madurai etc.

Q: Can you suggest some tours which covers Kanchipuram in it?

Ans: There are some different famous tours covering Kanchipuram in it:

  • Chennai with Temple Tour:
  • 5 days Chennai Mahabalipuram Kanchipuram Tanjore Tour:
  • Chennai Pondicherry Tour Chennai Kanchipuram Mahabalipuram Tour:
  • Complete Tamilnadu Tour
Q: Give a general idea of weather in Kanchipuram?

Ans: In below table we are explaining the same:

  • Summers March to May 21°c - 37°c
  • Monsoon June to Sep 19°c - 25°c
  • Winter Oct to Feb 19°c - 29°c
Q: Local festivals of Kanchipuram?

Ans: During festivals you can make your visit more enthralling by participating in the important festivals of the place namely Brahmothsavam, Pongal, Maha Shivratri, Garudothsavam and Chariot etc.