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Kuldhara Tour Packages

Kuldhara village is located 18kms from west of Jaisalmer.  In 1825 all the residents of Kuldhara and the 83 nearby villages abandoned their houses and vanished suddenly one night, having lived there since 1300s. Nobody knows where they went leaving behind not just their homes but also the curse that anyone who tried to live in the village would perish. As per the stories the ruler of these villages pounded the Paliwal brahmins with heavy taxes and treated them very inhumanly. They had no alternative, but to vacate all the 84 villages overnight and just disappear from the vision and reach of the ruler. Ruins of Kuldhara have sand stone houses, or whatever remained of them, neatly constructed on either side of wide dusty roads. IHPL offers you various tours to unpeel the secrets of this place and feel the sadness and helplessness running through the ruins of Kuldhara.

List of Kuldhara Tour Packages