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Kutch Tour Package

If you enjoy traveling to deserts and being surrounded by camels and sand, then Kutch is an ideal destination for you. With Indian Holiday's Kutch tour packages, you can explore this beautiful place. For those seeking peace in their daily lives, Kutch tourism package offers a unique experience. 

Kutch in Gujarat is a hub for metal and textile handicrafts. Gandhidham is a very well-known textile market of Kutch that sells products made by locals from nearby villages. Kutch is also famous for Kutch Utsav, celebrated yearly in February and March. During the celebrations of the Kutch Desert festival, colorfully attired dancers and music concerts are something to look forward to.

Places of attraction in Kutch

Kutch offers a plethora of attractions, including hills, historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, deserts, beaches, and museums. You can explore all of them along with their variety of cultures. When planning to book your Kutch trip Packages, make sure to include these popular destinations.

If you want to explore more places in Kutch, you can add them to your itinerary of Gujarat Kutch tour packages.

How to Reach Kutch

One of the most convenient ways to travel to Kutch is by air. You can book a flight from any major airport to Bhuj Airport, which is very close to Kutch. If you prefer to travel by train, you can book a direct ticket from cities such as Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai to Bhuj. Once you arrive in Bhuj, you can hire a taxi to take you to Kutch. The roads to Kutch are well-connected. Roads are also very well connected; you can book a taxi or go by bus to Kutch. 

Our Kutch Bhuj tour packages are perfect for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends. We provide customization options to our customers so you can customize your Kutch package to meet your unique needs and desires. So why wait? Book your Kutch Festival packages now and get ready for an unforgettable vacation!


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Gujarat Tribal Tour with Wildlife

17 N / 18 D

Ahemdabad - Poshina - Danta - Dasada - Kutch - Rajkot - Gondal - Junagadh - Gir - Palitana - Balasinor - Chhota Udaipur - Ahemdabad

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Gujarat with Mount Abu Tour

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Ahmedabad - Little Rann of Kutch - Mount Abu - Ahmedabad

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FAQs of Kutch Tour Package

Q: Where is Kutch located?

Ans: Kutch is a border district of the Indian state of Gujarat and it is the largest district in India. It shares the border with Pakistan, hence it also has the army and Naval base.

Q: Why should you visit Kutch?

Ans: Kutch is popular for its shallow wetlands flats. It is renowned as 'White Desert of India’. These wetland remains submerged in water during the rainy season and becomes dry during the rest of the year. This region has a rich cultural heritage and people can spend some time with tribal people and learn about their lifestyle and traditions.

Q: Which are the places of interest in Kutch?

Ans: When you are visiting Kutch, it is recommended to stay here for 2-3 Nights minimum as being the largest district, the distances are much more and there are so many places to explore that it takes time:

Some of the important places of interests are as below:

  • Rann of Kutch: is divided into Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch. Both are salty marshlands, while Little ran of Kutch is famous for its Wild Ass Sanctuary, Great Rann of Kutch is famous for its barren salt lands.
  • Bhuj: earlier was the capital of the princely state of Kutch and now the headquarter of the district. There are many places to explore here. You will visit many tribes of Kutch such as Rabari, Meghwal, Ahirsetc, visit Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, etc. Apart from this, you must visit Craft museum, showcasing 42 embroidery styles of the various tribes.
  • Than Monastery: Built-in 12th century.
  • Traditional Rogan Art: Practiced in Nirona village and it is one of its kind.
  • Bhartiya Sanskrit Darshan: A Kutch Cultural centre holds Kachhi folk art and craft.
  • Sharad Baug Palace: Known as Rajavatika and it was the king’s residence right up to 1991 when the last king of Kutch, Madansingh. This palace is now a museum.
  • Mandvi Beach: Close to Mandvi, Kutch, is a non-touristic golden sand beach. You can also visit Mandvi Port for its 400 years old shipbuilding yard.
  • Dholavira: An Architecture site of Indus Valley Civilization in the district of Kutch.
Q: How to reach Kutch?

Ans: Kutch is a headquarter city of Bhuj is the well-connected airport, a train station as well offers great roads for road access.

  • By Air: Bhuj airport is the airport that connects to different Kutch talukas.
  • By Rail: Bhuj railway station is the best one for connection to the other Talukas of Kutch.
  • By Road: Kutch has well-developed roads connecting it to the other important cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Rajkot etc.
Q: When is the best time to visit Kutch?

Ans: Kutch has a white dessert, hence it is very hot in summers and if you are going there to see white dessert, monsoon is not the best time when it is submerged in water.

Best time to visit Kutch is from October to March when you can see the white marshy land as well as other sites in the pleasant weather.

Q: Where to stay in Kutch?

Ans: There are a number of lodging options available in the main town and city area of this region. You have also the option to stay in tented accommodation, at mud houses and in resorts as per your interest.

Q: Which is the popular festival of Kutch?

Ans: Rann Utsav is the most popular festival of Kutch and if you are planning to visit Kutch and still have not decided on the time, you must plan it during Rann Utsav. It is the best time to experience the cultural and traditional heritage of the region.

Q: When is Rann Utsav festival celebrated in Kutch?

Ans: Rann Utsav is celebrated over the 100 days during the months of November, December, January, and February.

Q: Where does Rann Utsav take place?

Ans: Rann Utsav takes place at Dhordo Village near Rann of Kutch. The peak time of the festival is during full moon days when the Rann of Kutch gives a stark resemblance to white moon land.

Q: Where to stay during Rann Utsav?

Ans: During Rann Utsav, a whole tent city is built every year to accommodate the tourists visiting the fair, from luxury tented accommodation to standard tents. Please write to your Indian Holiday Tour specialist to book your stay during Rann Utsav festival.

Q: Which is the most popular tour package for Rann of Kutch?

Ans: We have specialised tailor-made holiday packages. You can contact with the Indian Holiday for the most suitable program for your travel needs. Here are the most popular tour packages for Rann of Kutch:

Day 01: Arrive Bhuj airport or railway station
Day 02: Bhuj visit
Day 03: Visit Kutch
Day 04: Bhuj departure

The above tour can be extended further to include Little Rann of Kutch, Mandvi and other nearby places.

We are specialised in tailor made holiday, so please contact Indian Holiday for the most suitable program for your travel needs.