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Spiti Tour Packages

Explore the breathtaking beauty and indulge in various outdoor activities through our meticulously crafted Spiti Valley tour packages. Bordered by Tibet in the east, Ladakh to the north, Kinnaur to the southeast, and Lahaul and Kullu to the south, Spiti Valley is situated at an average altitude of 3,800 m above sea level. It is popularly known as the 'Little Tibet' owing to the geographical features of Spiti. The valley is similar to that of Tibet in its topography, climate, and flora.

Spiti Valley tour packages offer a chance to explore the glacier lakes, high-altitude mountain passes, age-old monasteries, and stunning landscapes. Tourists will also experience the Buddhist culture, which is dominant in Spiti, owing to its closeness with Tibet. This region is the least populated country, with high-altitude alpine land and scattered villages and monasteries.

The region is blessed with glacier lakes, high-altitude mountain passes, age-old monasteries, and stunning landscapes, making it a popular Himachal tourist destination.

It is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti means 'the middle land' and is rightfully called so because it is snuggled between Tibet and India. There is a dominant influence of Buddhist culture in Spiti, owing to its closeness with Tibet. This region is the least populated country, covered with high altitude alpine land, with scattered villages and monasteries.

During Spiti tour, tourists travel from the Kullu valley by the Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass, which are the two highest mountain passes in the country.

The alluring beauty of the place is mesmerizing; surrounded by snow-capped mountains, long stretches of drylands with hills, and ever-flowing rivers and lakes. A trip to Spiti will be a complete holiday to get refreshed and content; there are spectacular natural sites to visit like Kaza, Dhankar, Lhalung, Losar, Tabo Langza, and Hikkim.

Spiti Valley is home to the world's highest post office in Hikkim, the world's highest village connected by motorable road is Komik, and the fossil village of Langza. Chandertal Lake, Suraj Tal Lake, Dhankar Lake, and Nako Lake are a part of Spiti Valley, which enhances the immense beauty of this region. Suraj Tal Lake is the third highest lake in India and 21st highest lake in the world. The ancient monasteries of Tabo, Dhankar, Komik, and Key hold a special significance for Buddhists. The cultural diversity and hospitality of Spiti Valley leave everyone spellbound.

Spiti Packages

Through our Spiti holiday packages, travelers get opportunities to explore this offbeat gem of Himachal and enjoy a thrilling experience. In a place like Spiti, tourists need expert guidance to eradicate the discomfort and have a hassle-free trip to ramble across. We offer customizable tours with which visitors can modify the itinerary as per their requirements and budget.

We provide travelers with the best deals on Spiti Valley travel packages that suit their comfort and preferences. They can also enjoy numerous facilities, including a pleasant stay, guided tour, outdoor activities, and smooth transfers. Contact us for more information and book a Spiti Valley tour to enjoy unforgettable vacations!

Best Places to Visit on your Spiti Valley Trip

Spiti Valley is a trans-Himalayan region home to some exquisite tourist destinations. This enchanting place is a high-altitude valley known for the glistening river, tranquil lakes, ancient monasteries, and breathtaking hamlets. It is a paradise for nature lovers and thrill-seekers who can indulge in adventure activities here and rejuvenate amidst the serene environs during the Spiti trip. This majestic place leaves everyone surprised with its beguiling beauty and surreal surroundings. Some of the famous places to visit in Spiti Valley are:

  • Langza
  • Hikkim
  • Key Monastery
  • Tabo Monastery
  • Dhankar Monastery
  • Dhankar Lake
  • Nako Lake
  • Kibber National Park
  • Kunzum Pass
  • Chandertal Lake
  • Giu Temple
  • Pin Valley National Park
  • Suraj Tal

Best Time to Plan a Visit to Spiti Valley

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is the summer season when snow melts and high altitude mountain passes start to get clear to travel. However, from May to October, the weather in the valley remains comfortable for the sightseeing tour and outdoor activities, including camping, trekking, rock climbing, and hiking.

The Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass remain accessible in the summer season only. During these months, the region enjoys moderate climatic conditions, neither too cold nor too hot. The temperature during the daytime hovers around 11? C and drops up to -1? C during the night. It is advisable to carry woolen clothes if someone plans a Spiti tour in the summer season.

Spiti Valley is situated in a rain shadow region due to which the area receives little or virtually no rainfall at all. However, en route to Spiti Valley via Shimla and Manali, the chances of landslides increases in August as these regions receive torrential rainfall. In winters, from November to April, Spiti Valley gets heavy snowfall, due to which the road from Manali gets blocked.

Also, it becomes difficult to visit the valley from the Shimla side. During this time, the climatic conditions in the valley remain harsh and tough. The temperature ranges from -5 degrees C to -18 degrees C, making the trip to Spiti Valley difficult.

How to Reach Spiti Valley for a Wonderful Vacation

Spiti Valley is located in the northernmost area of Himachal Pradesh. There is no airport or railway station situated in the valley. The nearest airport from Kaza, the subdivisional headquarters of Spiti Valley, is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. It is located 233 km from Kaza and is accessible by taxi and bus.

There are direct and connecting flights from Delhi, Jammu, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai regularly for Bhuntar Airport. In addition, tourists can hire a private cab from Kullu and Manali and board an HRTC bus from these two places to Spiti Valley.

The nearest railhead from Kaza is Chandigarh Railway Station, situated 430 km away. The trains from Delhi, Amritsar, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Una run on this route regularly. Tourists can board shared taxis or HRTC buses from Chandigarh to Shimla or Manali, from where they can get the conveyance for the onward journey. However, a private taxi is the most convenient option to travel to Kaza without hassle.

Spiti Valley connects with Shimla and Manali from various national and state highways. However, the valley remains associated with the rest of the state during summers only. In the winter season, the roads get blocked due to heavy snowfall, and traveling to Spiti Valley is not safe. Read more...

Best Accommodation to stay on your Spiti Valley Tour.

Spiti Valley is a popular tourist destination among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. This idyllic valley is flocked by a large number of tourists every year. In addition, Spiti Valley has gained popularity among families, youngsters, and couples in recent years. To serve the tourists and provide the best-staying options, many hotels, hostels, homestays, guest houses, and resorts have been built in the valley.

They are equipped with basic amenities, and luxury resorts provide state-of-art facilities, making the Spiti Valley trip memorable for the tourists. The houses budget to mid-range of accommodation facilities, which provides a relaxing stay. Some of the best-staying options available in Spiti Valley are:

  • Spiti Village Resort
  • Hotel Deyzor
  • Tethys Himalayan DEN
  • Tendel Home Stay
  • The Alpinist Café & Retreat
  • Zangchuk Hotel & Restaurant
  • Moustache Kaza
  • The Monk Shego Kaza
  • Hotel Dhankar Heights
  • Hotel Spiti Heritage Himalayan
  • Ri-dzong Residency Hotel


Best Lahaul Spiti Tour Packages

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Spiti Valley Bike Tour

8 N / 9 D

Manali - Banjar Valley – Shoja - Sangala - Kalpa ( Nako) - Kaza - Ki Kibber, Langza Village - Kaza - ChandraTaal Lake - Manali - Delhi

Price On Request
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  • Ride your bike to Hamta Valley
  • Explore Shoja
  • Visit Kamru Fort
  • Hangout with locals at Sangala
  • Enjoy a bike ride to Kalpa
  • Visit scenic villages en route
  • Excursion to Key Monastery
  • Take a tour of a gompa in Kibber
  • Outing at Chandra Tal
  • Drive on Kunzum Pass

Himachal Offbeat Tour

11 N / 12 D

Delhi - Chail - Sangla - Tabo - Kaza - Manali - Chandigarh - Delhi

Price On Request
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  • Trek to Sangla
  • Enjoy at Nako
  • Explore Tabo Monastery
  • Excursion to Pin Valley
  • Soak in the beauty of the Key Monastery
  • Manali sightseeing tour

Hidden Gems of Himachal

9 N / 10 D

Chandigarh – Shimla – Narkanda – Sarahan – Sangla – Chitkul – Kalpa – Nako – Tabo – Kaza – Chandertal lake - Manali

Price On Request
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  • Explore attractions of Shimla
  • Worship at the Bhima Kali temple
  • Visit Rackcham and Chitkul
  • Excursion to Kamru village
  • Guided tour of Nako Monastery
  • Tabo sightseeing trip
  • Marvel at the Dhankar Monastery
  • Day trip to Kibber
  • Admire the beauty of the Chandra Taal
  • Take a tour of Beas Kund

Spiti Valley Road Trip

23 N / 24 D

Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali – Losar – Kaza – Tabo – Kibber – Pangrochen – Parang La – Tarang Yogma – Norbu Sumdo – Kiangdam – Korzok – Gyama – Rajung Karu – Nuruchan – Tso Kar – Leh – Delhi

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Manali Spiti Valley Tour

6 N / 7 D

Manali - Kaza- Spiti Valley

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FAQs of Spiti Tour

Q: Where is Spiti located?

Ans: Spiti Valley is 195 km above Manali, it is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas in the north-eastern part of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Q: Nearest airport/Railway Station to Spiti?

Ans: Nearest airport to Spiti is Bhuntar Airport (Kullu) approx. 245 km and nearest railway station is Chandigarh which is approx. 490 km from Spiti. However International airport is situated in Delhi which is approx. 730 km.

Q: How we can reach Spiti?

Ans: It is about 195 km from Manali and someone can hire taxi from Manali to reach Spiti or you can ask your travel agent to arrange the taxi for Spiti Valley.

Q: How many days require to visit Spiti Valley?

Ans: You should require at least 08-10 days to visit Spiti Valley as its not feasible to reach Spiti directly from any of the major city. You need 5 days in total to reach Spiti via Kinnaur side and come back from Manali side. So, having three more days will help you explore Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Ki and Kibber Villages around Kaza.

Q: Is there are good hotels available at Spiti?

Ans: You will get the accommodation in Kaza (Spiti Valley) are where you can witness the breath- taking views of the region which almost feel like a painting. Kaza is hardly 05 minutes’ drive from Spiti Valley.

Q: Why Spiti is famous?

Ans: Spiti valley is famous for its natural beauty, cultural heritage & monasteries. Tabo monastery is one of the most Important monastery in Spiti. The monasteries in Spiti are renowned for spectacular murals, ancient temples, and several stupas.

Q: Best month to visit Spiti?

Ans: Summers are best time to visit Spiti Valley. In other seasons, the climate will be very cold – May to July is best time to visit this Valley.

Q: Do we need to carry woollens in Summer also to visit Spiti?

Ans: Yes, you need to carry woollens along with shoes and socks as you are going to high attitude and it’s going to be very cold specially in the evening & nights.

Q: It is safe to travel Spiti Valley with Senior Citizens and kids?

Ans: We don’t recommend to travel Spiti Valley with Senior Citizen and Children’s, the altitude is +13000 feet and may be uncomfortable because of rarefied air i.e. lack of oxygen, which could pose some problem to the elderly & child.

Q: Is there are local restaurants available to eat in Spiti Valley?

Ans: Spiti Valley is cold desert and a small Town hence there are no local restaurants available to eat you have to dine in your hotel / homestay itself.

Q: Is there are hospitals available in Spiti in case of emergency?

Ans: There are few Government Hospital exits in Kaza Valley to offer first Aid Service.

Q: How do I plan a trip to Spiti Valley?

Ans: You can contact us by email or telephone to arrange the trip to Spiti Valley, one of our colleague will help you to arrange this trip. We would like to update you that you need 10 – 12 days if you are planning to visit Spiti Valley.

Q: Tourist places which I can visit along with Spiti Valley?

Ans: You can visit Kaza, Kalpa, Tabo, Sangla and Manali etc.