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Shopping in Palitana

Palitana is an admired destination for the Jains and all those who would like to witness what shape the subtle combination of human enterprise, architectural skills and religious masterpieces take. The entire summit of majestic mount Shatrunjaya is crowned with about 900 temples, each competing with the other for beauty and splendor, presenting an overwhelming spectacle to devotees and visitors. On tour to Palitana if you are interested to visit all the tourist attractions conveniently and in a hassle-free way then first educate yourself with the information on how to reach Palitana. On reaching Palitana you can indulge in a shopping spree. Shopping in Palitana can be very interesting of you are a real lover of handicrafts and exquisite clay idols. You would never ask yourself the question about the things to buy in Palitana.

Palitana is reachable throughout the year. However, majority of people visit this place during the four months of chaumasa, which are regarded as the holy months as per Jainism. These months fall during shravan as per Hindu calendar, roughly between July and October. Palitana shopping can be more enjoyed during this time of the year.

Shopping in Palitana is an exciting job. Most of the areas are dotted with a number of shopping options. In fact it warrants special mention that shopping in Palitana is very significant then any of the tourist attractions. Shopping in Palitana mainly constitutes buying the local handicrafts, idols, and other local embroidered stuffs.

The best part about Palitana shopping is that they are very colorfully and brilliantly adjusted and decorated. These are replete with an assorted collection of items and the best buy that you can make is possibly the excellent weighing scales, harmonium reeds and metal ware. These are a high quality product and lend your shopping an extra charm.

This apart, shopping in Palitana flaunt colorful handicraft items. Some of the very famous handicraft items that you must take a pick at include furniture, hand weaved bamboo products, furniture and glut of others. For best buys in handicrafts items it is advisable to make a move to the handicraft Palitana Shopping located near the Jain temple complex atop Shatrunjaya Hill.


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