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Bazaars in Palitana

Located in the western state of India called Gujarat, Palitana is around 51 km away from the very famous Bhavnagar town. It is noted for amazing temple sites, stunning beaches and exotic wildlife. Boasting a strong road and rail connectivity this town has become a good tourism destination for the devotees, travelers and art connoisseurs. In fact it will not be an exaggeration to say that it has qualified to be one of the must-visit spots in Gujarat. In this hub of human endeavor, architectural skills, charity and religious ardor you will derive optimum level of fun and happiness. However on tour to Palitana what will attract you most apart from the spectacular beauty of the temple architectures is shopping. Shopping in Palitana is an exciting job. Most of the areas are brimmed with a number of bazaars. In fact it warrants special mention that bazaars in Palitana are not less significant then any of the tourist attractions.

The best part about Palitana bazaars is that they are very colorfully and brilliantly adjusted and decorated. These are replete with an eclectic collection of items. And the best buy that you can make comprises of excellent weighing scales, harmonium reeds and metal ware. These are a high quality product and lend your shopping an extra flavor.

This apart, the bazaars in Palitana boast of an array of handicraft items. Some of the very famous handicraft items that you must take a pick at include furniture, hand weaved bamboo products, furniture and plethora of others. For handicrafts you are suggested to make a move to the handicraft Palitana Bazaars located near the Jain temple complex atop Shatrunjaya Hill. 

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