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What to buy in Palitana

Palitana is basically a religious stopover which forms an inevitable part in the itinerary of the traveler. Palitana is a very sacred place and houses several temples, 863 in number, that are located on the Shetrunjaya hills. These temples were built by the wealthy businessmen. There are many tourist attractions in Palitana that call for a visit by the tourists. Apart from the local sightseeing and the tourist attractions, the guests can also take delight in shopping on their Tour to Palitana. There are so many things on offer that the guests will be in a dilemma as what to buy in Palitana.

The tourists may be at their wit's end when it comes to shopping in Palitana. There are innumerable items that are hand made and sold in the bazaars of this place. These articles especially make some of the best souvenirs for the foreign tourists. The shopping freaks can buy the idols of the deities that are revered and kept in almost each and every house of the Hindus. The magnificently made idols are the most sought after things that the tourists can buy. These idols are not mere idols but they are the symbols that manifest the existence of the almighty. The tourists are sure to get enthralled by these articles that are made by the skilled artisans who take great pain in the preparation of these idols. 

The idols of various different deities such as Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, Lord Krishna etc are available here. This place is also home to several hand made articles which are good things to pick up on your Tour to Palitana. If you are a music aficionado, you can also buy a good Harmonium which has the famous Palitana reeds.

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