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Excursions From Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is an idyllic hill station in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Its densely vegetated hills and cascading waterfalls first caught the eye of the British in 1857 when Captain Forsyth passing by the place heading the 'Bengal Lancers' was quite mesmerized by the beauty of the place. Shortly afterwards Pancgmarhi became the summer capital for the Central Province and a popular sanatorium. Pachmarhi is now the most popular hill station in central India and the only one in Madhya Pradesh and excursions from Pachmarhi offer exciting tourism opportunities.

On excursions from Pachmarhi in India you can visit Pipariya, the base from where one travels to Pachmarhi. Pipariya is some 47 km from Pachmarhi by road. You can travel to Pipariya either by bus, which is amply available, or by privately hired car or jeep. Buses are available every half an hour and are the cheapest mode of transport between Pachmarhi and Pipariya.

On Excursions From Pachmarhi In Madhya Pradesh you can also visit Bhopal, the state capital and the place from where you can take your flight back home. Bhopal has the nearest airport to Pachmarhi. The airport is a domestic airport and connects Madhya Pradesh to major cities in India. On excursions around Pachmarhi, the one thing you are surely going to like is each and every drive you take. Madhya Pradesh is a total tourism package and offers immense opportunities for tourists.

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