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Bazaars In Panchmarhi

Panchmarhi is the shiniest of all gems in the crown of Madhya Pradesh. The cascading waterfalls, ravines and rolling hills at Panchmarhi is what impressed the British in 1857 and impresses tourists visiting Panchmarhi from all over the country now. The bazaars in Panchmarhi offer knick knacks and souvenirs in keeping with the shopping habits of the tourists. 

Bazaars In Panchmarhi In India have the typical characteristics of small hill station. The shops are lined on both sides of a road and include both permanent shops as well as shacks and display a wide array of items ranging from vegetables to clothes to handicraft items and so on. The bazaars In Panchmarhi In Madhya Pradesh India are the places from where the local people make their purchase of regular domestic supplies and hence retain a rustic flavor hardly to be found in tourist places as such.

The Bazaars In Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh are lovely hangouts for evening strolls. You can nibble at roadside junk food or purchase knick knacks and souvenirs, stone statuettes, marble showpieces, paintings, etc.

The town of Pachmarhi itself is clean, green and pleasant, with a very laid-back feel, although nothing like India's larger and better-known hill stations; it retains a colonial ambience, enhanced by the elegant British bungalows and Victorian church spires that poke their nose above the tropical tree-line. The sprawling army training camp, though built after Independence, adds a further touch of the Raj. Military bands march across the spacious maidans to the strains of Colonel Bogey, while retired army officers with handlebar moustaches and tweed jackets still enjoy a game of snooker in the old-style gentlemen's clubs, carrying further the burden of the colonial hangover.

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