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What to buy in Panchmarhi

Panchmarhi is located according to a latest ad campaign by MP Tourism- at the heart of India. Madhya Pradesh is indeed the heart of India not only in terms of its location but in terms of the huge variety of tourist opportunities that the state offers. From wildlife sanctuaries to historical places to hill stations- you ask for it and Madhya Pradesh has it. Panchmarhi is the gem among all hill stations in Madhya Pradesh and attracts significant tourist inflow. If you are planning to visit Panchmarhi and wondering what to buy in Panchmarhi, here is all the information you might need.

The Satpura Hills in Panchmarhi region showcases some of the oldest specimens of paintings. This prehistoric painting tradition has managed to percolate down the ages to form one of the key traditions of handicrafts in Madhya Pradesh. Drawings on walls of caves and rock shelters evolved gradually into the Buddhist rock-carved monasteries of the middle of the first millennium AD, such as Ajanta in Maharashtra and Bagh in MP.

While shopping in Panchmarhi you would come across a wide array of paintings. The bazaars in Panchmarhi are overflowing with paintings of various shapes and sizes. Paintings done with natural vegetable dye, stones, and so on. The wares are so many and come in such a huge variety that it is important for you to decode from before hand what to buy in Panchmarhi in India. You will also get loads of other artifacts that are specialty of Madhya Pradesh.

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