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Pelling Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Pelling

  • pelling city in Sikkim
Pelling At a Glance
  • Average Climate:15°C - 22°C
  • Best Time to Visit:September to May
  • STD Code:

Pelling Travel Guide

Pelling is a small town known for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Tall snowy mountains and monasteries are the main features that make it one of the best places to visit in Sikkim. Located at 6800 feet above sea level, Pelling offers stunning views of mountains such as Kumbhakarna, Koktang, and Dom. It is home to several tribes and communities, including Lepchas, Bhutias, Tamangs, Marwaris, and Limboos.

Pelling radiates a charm that takes tourists back to the bygone era and treats them with the most beautiful views. A trip to Sikkim is incomplete without a tour of Pelling's most famous monasteries, lush biospheres, shimmering lakes, and cascading waterfalls. These features and the scenic beauty have made this a popular tourist place in Sikkim.

Whether you are a nature lover or looking for a spiritual retreat, Pelling has numerous options to keep you fascinated. Also, its cool weather is perfect for planning a summer holiday in Sikkim. Khecheopalri Lake, monasteries, and Singshore Bridge are some of the famous places to visit in Pelling. You can choose to stroll around the natural surroundings, meditate at the monasteries, witness Buddhist treasures, and more to keep yourself entertained. You will also see astounding Mount Kanchendzonga views and engage in trekking, skiing, and other thrilling adventures.

Keep reading this comprehensive Pelling travel guide if you want to know more about Pelling, how to reach it, the best time to visit, travel tips, etc.

Why visit Pelling?

If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and treat your lungs to fresh, pollution-free air, Pelling is a great place to visit in Sikkim. There are many monasteries in the state where you meditate if you are looking for a spiritual retreat. People who follow the Buddhism religion or are intrigued to know more about the culture can visit as the monasteries stand proudly for decades.

Pelling is an ideal place for laid-back travelers as well as adventure seekers as it offers so many opportunities. For honeymooners who are looking for a peaceful place and want to escape the world for a few days together, Pelling is a great choice. The town's historical ruins, natural beauty, and gushing waterfalls will make your Sikkim holiday memorable.

How to reach Pelling

If you plan to visit Pelling, there are three ways to reach it. Here is the detailed information about how to reach Pelling by different modes of transport.

By Air - Located approx. 140 km away from the town of Pelling lies the Bagdogra Airport. It is well-connected with all major Indian cities and operates several flights daily. Once you reach here, you can take a cab or taxi to Pelling.

By Train - New Jalpaiguri is the main railway station and is located about 135 km away from Pelling. Upon arriving, take a shared cab or taxi to reach the town, or you can also hire a cab or taxi from Siliguri, which is 9 km away from the railway station.

By Road - Pelling has a great network of roads and therefore, it can be easily reached by road. You can hire a private cab or state transport bus to reach Pelling town. Road trips can also be planned from Gangtok, Siliguri, and Darjeeling. Shared cabs are also available to reach Pelling by road.

How to get around Pelling

The most convenient way to reach Pelling is by taxi. However, they are a bit expensive. Auto-rickshaws are also available throughout the town and are affordable too. Car and bike rental services are not available here, but you can rent cars and bikes from Gangtok or Siliguri. Trekking is always a good option to explore the places in proximity.

Best time to visit Pelling

Summer - Summer is a great time to visit Pelling to enjoy the sightseeing and thrilling adventure sports outdoors. This is the peak season as the temperature remains between 7°C and 28°C and the weather remains pleasant.

Winter - The winter season in Pelling starts in December and lasts until February. During this time, the town remains covered in snow and Pelling is the best to witness splendid views of Mount Kanchendzonga. However, the weather is very cold, so make sure to carry woolens.

Monsoon - Lastly, the monsoon begins in July and lasts till September. It is best to avoid visiting Pelling during this time as the rainfall can cause landslides and is not the best for outdoor activities.

Places to visit in Pelling

Featuring beautiful monasteries, tall mountains, sparkling waterfalls, and historical sites, there are a lot of places to visit in Pelling. On your trip to Pelling in Sikkim, here are some of the best tourist attractions you must not miss

  • Yuksom
  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Sangachoeling Monastery
  • Kanchenjunga Waterfalls
  • Rabdentse Ruins
  • Tashiding Monastery
  • Rimbi Waterfall
  • Darap Village
  • Sewaro Rock Garden

Things to do in Pelling

Pelling is a quaint hill station snuggled by the hills of West Sikkim. From exploring natural wonders like waterfalls and lakes to engaging in the secrets of historical ruins, you will find numerous things to do in Pelling on your holiday. Some of the best activities or things to indulge in Pelling are -

  • Seek peace at the Pemayangtse Monastery.
  • Enjoy the Sikkimese hospitality at Darap Village.
  • Relish the sweet sounds of Kanchenjunga Waterfalls.
  • Savour authentic Sikkim food.
  • Learn about history at the Rabdentse Ruins.
  • Trek to Kanchenjunga National Park.
  • Shop for local crafts.
  • Plan a picnic at Sewaro Rock Garden.

How many days are enough to visit Pelling?

3 to 4 days are enough to explore the best of Pelling.

Average Pelling Trip Cost

The cost of traveling to Pelling will be INR 15,000 per person. It depends on the flight/train tickets, the type of accommodation, etc.

Accommodation in Pelling

There are many options available in Pelling to stay, from hotels to lodges. You can choose the type of accommodation in Pelling as per your needs and budget. The Elgin Mount Pandim, Pelling, Udaan Olive Hotel & Spa, Hotel Dikiling, Magpie Pachu Village Resort, and Hotel Valley View Pelling are some of the top places to stay in Pelling with decent and great amenities on your tour.

Where to eat in Pelling

Relishing authentic Sikkim food is a must for all travellers. There are many locally-owned restaurants where you can sit for a delightful meal with your loved one. Some of the best restaurants in Pelling are Lotus Bakery, Melting Point Restaurant, Hotel Kabur Restaurant, Havmor, Big Bowl, Bhanshaghar, and Evergreen Restaurant.

Shopping in Pelling

Shopping is one of the main things that lure people to Pelling. There are several markets and shopping avenues in this town you can visit for a light shopping spree. Geyzing Bazaar, Lama Tenzin Wangdak Place, and Rural Artisan Marketing Center are three famous places to buy wall hangings, Tibetan Carpets, Sikkim Tea, traditional Buddhist handcrafted items, Tibetan prayer flags, Lepcha weave shawls, and more.

Useful Tips for Pelling Trip

  • Avoid visiting Pelling in the monsoon as there might be landslides.
  • Do not wear revealing clothes while visiting monasteries.
  • Keep yourself warm in winters and wear woollens properly.
  • Respect the local culture.
  • If you get stuck somewhere, as a local for help. They will gladly help you.

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