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Top Places to visit in December

With favorable weather all around, December marks the apex of the holiday season in India. There are many places to visit in India in December. There are beaches in the South India and the snowcapped Himalayas up North. Gentle weather also makes it ideal to explore the central India as well as the desert kingdom of Rajasthan.

If you are a nature lover, mountain explorer, or just a laid back traveler, December is the time when your every option for you is open. Our tour packages are meticulously designed to bring you the best comfort plus the unforgettable experience that you seek for on a holiday. Check out 17 Top Places to visit in India in December 2016.

Top Destinations to visit in India in December


Come December and travelers from around the world come knocking to the desert kingdom of Rajasthan. Renowned for its magnificent forts, splendid palaces and undulating sand dunes, Rajasthan is one of the most favored places to visit in India especially from November till March. Once ruled by the Rajput warrior princes, Rajasthan is a hot favorite owing to its colorful bazaars, vibrant culture, exciting festivals and places of interest. There are several popular destinations and then there are places you can go offbeat. Sich is the diversity of travel experiences that traveling in Rajasthan could keep even the fussiest of travelers on their toes.

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One of the reason why Kohima should be visited in December is the 10 days Hornbill Festival held at Naga Heritage Village in Kisama. Hornbill Festival showcases the tribal culture og Nagaland which promotes the cultural heritage and encourages inter tribal relations. For travelers Hornbill Festival is a great opportunity to witness the myriad culture of the Naga tribes. Cultural folk performances, tribal games, medicine, food and flower stalls and various contests and rock concert ensure that travelers have a enriching time at the festival. There are several tents and accommodations that are set up at Kisama Village for travelers but the TUTC luxury camps are the real sybarite's delight.

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Goa is bustling with high-energy in December. It is the perfect time to indulge in the pleasures of beaches, parties, music festivals, food, free-flowing booze, water-sports, sightseeing and other adventures. The alluring wonders of the beach state of Goa, also known as the ‘Party Capital of India’, are many. One of the best holiday destinations in India in December, Goa receives a crazy number of tourists from all across the world as it has two of the most happening events at this time of the year- Sunburn Festival and Special New Year’s Eve parties. Goa, is truly a fun-filled destination.

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For many travelers, Agra is all about “Taj Mahal”. Indeed! This massive edifice is listed on the 7 Modern Wonders of the World and reflects the grandeur of Mughal architecture and eternal affection of a husband for his wife. It took about 22 years to build this ever majestic Mahal , which has  always been sating spell over its visitors.  But there is more to Agra than Taj Mahal like Agra fort, various Mughal gardens, Itmad Ud Daula Tomb and several temples. Agra is also home to some of the most resplendent luxury hotels to offer fine accommodation and world class dining. Pleasant weather makes it ideal time to visit Agra in December.

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Kerala is perfect to be visited in December as it is wonderfully warm, pleasant and welcoming. The weather is conducive for sightseeing and other kinds of fun activities. One can explore the pristine beaches, the tranquil backwaters, the salubrious hill stations, the enthralling wildlife sanctuaries, the rich culture and the bliss of Ayurveda. The wonderful tropical climate of the ‘God’s Own Country’ make it the perfect destination to plan a holiday in the December month. Do not miss savoring the finger-licking delicacies of Keralite cuisine. Attending a cultural performance by local artists, under the star-lit sky is a must.

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Khajuraho has been spilling magic since medieval times. Today it holds great importance because of its Hindu and Jain temples with beautiful carving and sculpture. It is said that the ruler of Chandela dynasty was told by his mother in his dreams to exhibit the emptiness of human desire, and thus he proceeded with erotic carvings which are famous all over the world.  Khajuraho is majestic and grand and three groups of temples here are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ list. Nearby Orchha is with its rustic setting and captiviating monuments is another place one should visit when in Khajuraho.

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Mumbai is not vaguely referred to “The city of dreams”; the passion of Bollywood, majestic skyline and coastline, lovely rain dribbling down the hasty life of the people makes it “The city of dreams”. Apart from being the most populous and ever growing city of India; Mumbai has vast options for foodies, lovers of nature, shoppers, and people looking for work or education. Since the weather is pleasant all year round here, in December too the weather is soothing but with slight chills. 

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Andaman is a group of 572 pristine islands out of which only 36 are inhabited by the human beings that too in a small amount. So what else could well define nature laid untouched by chaos and in its purest form? Some of the famous and most visited islands are Havelock where you can go snorkeling and scuba diving and others in others too like Wandoor, Neil, Baratang and the list goes on. Just grab a beer and chill, let the tranquility calm that mister hopped beneath your bones and heart; your soul.

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One of the finest holiday destinations in South India, Pondicherry gets ready to create incredible vacations with the start of winters. December is the perfect time to explore beaches, ashrams and the French connection. The weather at this time is salubrious and is considered to be ideal for enjoying sightseeing, visiting the beaches, partaking in leisure walks, savoring the French culture, and indulging in thrilling water sports. This beautiful town boasts of several allures and offers peaceful vacations, away from chaos. Do not forget to indulge in shopping to get your hands on some amazing keepsakes. Sumptuous food is another highlight.

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The month of December is an ideal month to visit the holy city of Varanasi. The ghats of River Ganga, its temples, and the city itself is as its best, offering unforgettable experiences to its visitors. Famed as the ‘Spiritual Capital of India’, Varanasi has a slight chill in the air in December month but it is the best time for creation of memories here. The city lies on the western banks of the holy Ganges and is a labyrinth of temples, eating joints, shops, and dharamshalas. Enjoy an early morning ride and observe the on-going activities by the Ghat. Pay homage to the deities inside the ancient temples.

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The coastal state of Karnataka is pleasant as well as welcoming in December. The picturesque beaches, the old beautiful temples, the beautiful hill stations, the lush wildlife sanctuaries, the glistening cities, and more, all tempt the visitors to relish a wonderful vacation here with their loved ones. Holidays in Karnataka are a mix of adventure, nature, wildlife, spirituality, religion, monuments, shopping, and lip-smacking food. Some of the must-visit wonders of the alluring state of Kerala include the splendid Shravanbelagola, the busy Bangalore city, the pristine Gokarna, the verdant Chikmagalur, the thrilling Bandipur national park and the ruined yet beautiful Badami.

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New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India, is as its best in the month of December. The foggy month is perfect for enjoying the pleasures of sightseeing, food, nightlife, shopping and more. One of the oldest cities in the world, Delhi has innumerable memories and experiences to offer. This potpourri of cultures has something to suit the taste of every kind of traveler. Divided into Old Delhi and New Delhi, this city wonderfully blends the old traditions and the new trends. While on one-side Mughal structures, old dusty bazaars, medieval architectures are there, on the other are planned colonies, modern malls and plush night clubs. Take your pick now!

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Tamil Nadu

December brings salubrious weather for Tamil Nadu, one of the best destinations in India. The coastal state of Southern India, tempts visitors with its rich historical past, ancient temples, serene beaches, verdant hill stations, charming nature, and colorful Dravidian culture. The weather at time is wonderful, making sightseeing, temple-visit and beach-hopping favorable activities during holidays. While on one side, there are various popular allures, on the other, there are some hidden-treasures too. There is religion, architecture, nature, wildlife, culture, spirituality, food and much more for a tourist to explore in Tamil Nadu at this time.

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The fabled Kanha national park, an inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s famous children novel, the Jungle Book, evokes thrilling wildlife adventures and memorable experiences to nature-lovers. The home of ferocious Tigers, other animals and birds of the Jungle, Kanha is ideal to visit in month of December. The largest national park of Madhya Pradesh and the one of the best tiger reserves in India, Kanha has a decent population of the royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopards, the sloth bear, barasingha and Indian wild dog. Choose your own of mode of rendezvous with the wild of Kanha- in a jeep or on an elephant!

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Untouched by the chilly winters, Maharashtra is blissful to visit in December. From beaches and hill stations, to exciting cities and temples, there is a lot to enjoy. The coastline of the state is dotted with rocky shores, palm tree and more, alluring travelers from all around. The state has been blessed by hills and beaches and bustling city, wherein all have a distinct charm. The people, the culture and the cuisine of Maharashtra are truly wonderful. The list of wonders of Maharashtra is never-ending and has wonders like mystical Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Chawpatty and Aksa beaches, hill stations like Lonalva, and Mahabaleshwar. There is all this and much more.

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Gujarat is the state which flaunts vibrant ethnicity and the whole country takes pride in that.  Located on the westernmost end of India, this state has some magnificent beaches.  The Gujarati folk dance dandiya is mostly cherished and performed in different places of the country during the festival of Navratras.  There are majestic forts and temples in Gujarat attract millions of travelers and pilgrims around the world.  Take home the brilliance dedication of local artisans who leave no stone unturned to carve a masterpiece every time.

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The southernmost end of India, Rameshwaram is a town in Tamil Nadu famed for the bustle of pilgrims. According to the folklore it is believed that Lord Ram and his Monkey army built the Sri Lanka (an island on the southern side) and that’s where he rescued his wife Sita after defeating the devil Ravana. They came back to Rameshwaram and offered prayers of gratitude to Lord Shiva. This belief binds several people to cross miles and visit Rameshwaram temple.

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