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History of Raipur

You must include Raipur, the capital city of this newly created state of India in your travel itinerary. Raipur is reckoned among the important cities of India on the virtue of industries and trade centers. It is situated on the pristine banks of Mahanadi River and tribal regions like Bastar in the south and Bilaspur in the North surround it. As per tourism in Raipur is concerned, it can be said that this city is much talked about for its historical and archeological sites. And the best way to know this city from close quarters is to gain information on the historical background of Raipur. History of Raipur is very rich and refined.

On delving deep into Raipur history you will come across the fact that the origin of this city can be traced back to times when several other ancient cities in the subcontinent of India had not come into existence.

According to chronological records, Raipur was under the regime of the Kings of the Satvahana dynasty. They ruled this city between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. Later, Somvanshi kings captured Raipur. During that period of time, Sirpur was the capital of Somvanshi kings. It was located few hours away from Raipur.

While going through the history of Raipur, you will find that the existence of this city is basically related to 9th century. On a tour to Raipur, you should visit ruins that are found in the southern part of modern Raipur. These ruins hold testimony to it.

Further, Raipur history also reveals that it was King Ramachandra one of the scions of Kalchuris dynasty, whose capital was Ratanpur, established the city of Raipur. Subsequently, he made Raipur his capital. It is also believed that the city of Raipur derived its name from Brahmdeo Rai, the great son of Ramachandra.

On moving a bit further with the history of Raipur, you will also come to know that until it came under the British rule in 1854, it was kept divided into small principalities and one after other empire kept ruling it. Gradually, when Chhattisgarh was declared administrative area or Commissary by the British, Raipur was announced its district headquarters.


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