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Influences on Rajasthani Cuisine

Rajasthan is esteemed highly as the terrain of vibrant colors, splendid palaces, fascinating architecture and delicious cuisines. Cuisine of Rajasthan is a form of art that is matchless in its own way. The environmental and social Influences on Rajasthani Cuisine are quite interesting to note. Medieval Rajasthan was caught up in successive wars. As a result, Cuisine of Rajasthan consisted of such food that could be stocked up without heating. However, this was more out of obligation than choice.

Another influence on Rajasthani food was due to the geographical location of the place. Scarcity of water as well as fresh green vegetables had their effect on the cuisine of this land. In the desert belt of Barmer, Jaisalmer and Bikaner, cooks use the least amount of water and have a preference, instead, to make use of more buttermilk, milk and clarified butter. Dried lentils and beans from indigenous plants such as Ker, Sangri etc are utilized quite liberally.

Rajasthani Cuisine owes its richness to its erstwhile Rajput rulers in particular. As an affect of the royal era, people of this region prefer to have elaborate dishes that have a lot of variety in it. A range of chutneys is another speciality of Rajasthan. These chutneys are mostly made from spices that are locally available like coriander, mint, turmeric and garlic. Different forms of sweets are also an integral part of the Cuisine of Rajasthan.

Notable Influences on Rajasthani Cuisine also considers the affect made by the Mughal cuisine. However, most of the ingredients needed for the lavish spread of Mughal cuisine was not easily available at this place. The British influence was also seen to affect Rajasthani Cuisine. However, it was more about the way to formalize the method in which the food was eaten at the table, besides making the Rajasthani dishes somewhat blander.

So, hurry to gorge on the delectable Rajasthani Cuisine and allow your taste buds to get mesmerized by the sheer variety of the food on offer. Indeed, there is no better way to experience the various culture's Influences on Rajasthani Cuisine than to taste a few, if not all of them. It would entirely be an exciting experience that you would remember for a long time.       


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