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Travel to Rajasthan by Rail

Travel to Rajasthan is an unforgettable experience with the beautiful locales and the breathtaking experience of the travel through the splendid landscapes. The journey is even more exciting if one chose to travel by train. The Travel to Rajasthan by Rail takes you through the veins of the state getting you closer to the colorful life of the locals and getting an insight into the cultural varsity of the state. The state is brilliantly connected to the different parts of the country making distances feel short. The beauty of the rail journey to Rajasthan lies in the time you spend mixing with the locals with the beauty of the place complementing all the way. Travel to Rajasthan by Rail is probably the best way to enjoy the journey to the state and is the best mode of Travel to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful regions of the country with various overtones describing the different emotions of the place that breathes romance in the air of the place. At times the journey on tracks to the state feels to be more comfortable than flying over the colorful land. The journey is truly very exciting and enjoyable. The main train terminuses of the state are Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and many more.

The real fun with the travel in Rajasthan via train lies in enjoying the journey in the luxurious Palace on Wheels. The experience is simply incomparable with any other modes of transportation. A travel in Palace on Wheels gives you an opportunity of enjoying seven days of unmatched hospitality and a living that matches to that of a king. It is an experience that takes you out of the world. The guests get the chance of enjoying their own kingdom called Palace-on-Wheels!

The tours in Palace on Wheels come with the options of enjoying the city with organized trips. The guests get to enjoy the best of luxury at this train which is an unforgettable experience.

Another option for the travelers to get the taste of royal luxury while on a train journey in Rajasthan is to book a tour in the Royal Orient which is probably the most outstanding work of Tourism Corporation of Gujarat in association with Indian Railways. This train connects the two heritage state of the country Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The travelers to Rajasthan also get the option of enjoying the best of the journeys in the state of Rajasthan with Heritage on Wheels which takes them to the heritage of Rajasthan. The train is aimed to promote the rich heritage of the state which is punctuated by forts and the palaces.

The last option for enjoying the luxury of a king on a journey on tracks is to book a journey with Fairy Queen. The journey in the luxurious compartments is short but extremely enjoyable. It starts at 0900 hours from Delhi Cantonment to Alwar.


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