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Shopping in Rajasthan

The princely state of Rajasthan in India never fails to leave you dumbfounded with its multifaceted splendor and vibrant hues. Any person who wants to understand the true concept of heritage in India has to come to Rajasthan as this is one of the first region where it all began. Situated on the Thar Desert with the Aravalli range bordering it Rajasthan tells of the many battles fought and won by the heroic Rajputs. The many palaces, forts, temples, havelis, all tell of an ancient tale. The desert topography of Rajasthan has been featured in every prominent travelogue and travel magazine of the world. From afar it is like a dream woven in sandstone. However a travel expedition is never complete without shopping. Shopping constitute an integral part of our travel plan. What are you going to look for while Shopping in Rajasthan? Of course you are not going to search for branded showrooms or for that matter high gadget electrical appliance in Rajasthan.

Check out the many markets and bazaars of Rajasthan for Shopping in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and more places .It makes for some interesting souvenir shopping and knick knacks. Moreover the prices are reasonable enough but still a hard bargain is called for. Rajasthan has something for all travelers- from handicraft products and jewelries ranging in lakhs to small knick knacks which you can pick up just for mere 10 rupee. Each city in Rajasthan specializes in something or the other. However some of the best buys of Rajasthan includes stone carving, metal craft, textile, tie and dye products, handloom products, meenakari jewelry, ornaments in precious and semi precious stones, blue pottery, carpets, terracotta items and wooden artifacts.

Rajasthani Art and Craft is an integral part of Rajasthan. You will be awestruck by the intricate nature of the work and the exquisite handiwork of the craftsmen. They learned the tricks of the trade from their forefathers and are still passing on to their sons. It stays in the family. Art seemed to be an obsession both with the craftsmen as well as the patronizers.

While you are Shopping in Rajasthan check out the exquisite items of Blue pottery which are rare in other parts of the country. Blue color mainly residues of (oxide of cobalt) and green (oxide of copper) are used to bring in desired effect of glaziness in the items. Nowadays even shades of yellow, dark blue and brown are used. Floral prints arabesque motifs and animal figures are the predominant themes interweaved in the articles. Ashtray, flower pots, lamp shades, jars are some of the best buy from Rajasthan bearing the hall mark of blue pottery.

Wood carvings and stone carving items in Rajasthan are a favorite with the tourists. It includes exquisite sandalwood carvings with intricate designs on it. Choose from a wide variety of key chains, designed boxes, showpieces and toys with carved motifs of desert landscape, camels, Rajput warriors and princess. You can also look through the different furnitures like carved chest, cradles, chairs embellished with figures of dancing girls and hunting scenes. The standard of Wood and Marble Carving in Rajasthan is very high these pieces are exported on a daily basis all over the world. If you want to go in for higher margins and more exquisite pieces visit the handloom centers in the different cities of Rajasthan.