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What to Buy in Rajkot

Tourists go to visit places with the intention of discovering the city's history, culture and location. To move on with the essence of the city lingers on even after one is back from the tour. While moving around in a new city, the people and the things around attract one's attention. While returning from the tour the things bought during the tour remain as a souvenir. What to buy in Rajkot while touring can be an obvious question. To get the right thing at right price, the tourists must visit the local Bazaars in Rajkot.

Rajkot is famous as an industrial town of Gujarat. Rajkot is also famous for the hand made stuffs which are traditional and ethnic things of Gujarat. Tourists who plan to buy things from Rajkot can have a long list of Gujarati traditional things. Things to buy in Rajkot may range from the famous "bandhni saris", the mirror works, bead works, patchworks and silk embroidered dress materials.

The dress materials of Gujarat specially the bandhni sarees should be on the tourists must buy while shopping in Rajkot. The ethnic tie and dye work on dress materials have gained attention of Indians and foreigners alike. Rajkot has often been a stage from where the famous designers have gathered ideas of designing the dress materials in a unique way.

The mirror works and the beads works on sarees or dress materials looks beautiful and are unique of Gujarat. One can buy dress materials or wall hangings from Rajkot which looks beautiful for the beadworks done on it.

Things to be bought from Rajkot in Gujarat in India can also consist of silk embroidered sarees and dress materials as they are famous for the luster of the silk and the intricate embroideries done on it.

Goods to buy in Rajkot may comprise of the things that are manufactured in the industries of Rajkot and are available at a reasonable and cheaper price.

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