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Sakleshpur Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Sakleshpur

  • Karnataka Travel Guide
Sakleshpur At a Glance
  • Average Climate:15°C - 27°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October to March
  • STD Code:

Sakleshpur Travel Guide

Blessed with a lush environment and pleasant climate, Sakleshpur is the beating heart of Karnataka. This beautiful town is a biodiversity hotspot in Western Ghat. It is well renowned for its spectacular mountain hikes, dignified temples, majestic forts, and captivating waterfalls. But dense forest and green coffee plantations will win your heart with one glimpse. A Sakleshpur tour covers each kind of element that can amaze you throughout the holiday.

A Sakleshpur travel guide showcases the ways to indulge in fun-filled activities, embrace nature and to add a touch of thrill to your vacation. Every dimension gives you a great experience in Sakleshpur by offering recreational activities. From camping and trekking to admiring nature, you will weave some everlasting memories.

For more details, check out this amazing travel guide for Sakleshpur and get an idea of every aspect of your tour.

Why Visit Sakleshpur

Drenched in the lush greenery, Sakleshpur is a heavenly destination in Karnataka's mountain range. It is one of the most striking gems of western Ghat that is unspoiled and unexplored. The slopes are blessed with coffee, tea, and spice plantations that offer an aroma in the air. This destination has fun-filled treks that allow you to witness the beauty of the town. Whether you want to enjoy recluse time with your partner, relish the family time, or get a thrilling vacation with your friends, Sakleshpur has got tick marks on all!

Places to visit in Sakleshpur for experience like never before

During your tour of Sakleshpur, you can light up your holiday with many best places to visit. This striking town offers awe-striking places that will uplift your mood with thrill, amazement, peace, and natural attractions. You can get the most heartwarming experiences with some famous attractions of Sakleshpur. Here is the list of best tourist attractions of Sakleshpur

  • Manjarabad Fort- Learn history better than books and get a mesmerizing view of mountains ranges
  • Bisle View Point- Enjoy the panoramic view and feast your eyes with a blanket of greenery.
  • Hemavathi Reservoir- Rejuvenate your senses and enjoy birdwatching.  
  • Manjehalli Waterfalls- Soak in the flow of natural beauty that offers great experience.
  • Betta Byraveshwara Temple- Glimpse of stunning sunset and sunrise with spiritual aura.
  • Ombattu Gudda Hill- Get a delightful experience of trekking and feel the thrill at every step

Things to do in Sakleshpur to get a delightful vacation

This gem of Karnataka offers you numerous activities that connect you with each element that make your vacation remarkable. You can explore the Sakleshpur with a parallel mode of fun, thrill, peace, and natural glory. There are numerous things to do in Sakleshpur that let you create memories and bloom your trip. Whether you are an adventure seeker, peace lover, or wildlife enthusiast, the charm of Sakleshpur will keep you entertained from the start to the end of your tour.  Here is the list of some of the top things to do in Sakleshpur.

  • Camping- To connect yourself with mother nature
  • Trekking- It is a delightful experience for adventurous souls
  • Sightseeing- Numerous places that reflect the surreal beauty of this town
  • Wildlife Tour- Embrace some next level of thrill with this exciting tour
  • Boating- It is fun-loving activity to enjoy the tranquility of water
  • Kayaking- Add extra fun to your vacation by trying this wonderful water sports
  • Swimming- Splash into the water and rejuvenate your senses
  • Picnic- One of the best recreational activities to do in Sakleshpur

Best time to visit in Sakleshpur for better sightseeing

The best time to visit Sakleshpur is between October and March. Planning your vacation by looking at the climate condition is a significant thing. Because when it comes to enjoying a vacation, the climate is a considerable factor. During these coolest months, the temperature comes down to 15° C. The pleasurable climate allows you to indulge in outdoor activities and give you a perfect sightseeing experience. The price of the hotel and homestay is low during this time.

How to reach Sakleshpur

You can reach Sakleshpur by air, road, and train as it has good connectivity with major cities of India. But Sakleshpur does not have an airport, and the nearest airport is 130 km away from this town. The suggested way to reach Sakleshpur is by road, as you can get the scenic surrounding, winding roads, and coffee states on both sides. It has a railway station that has good connectivity with other major cities of Karnataka. Let's look at all three ways to reach Sakleshpur.

  • By Air: The closest airport is Mangalore International Airport, which is around 138 km from the town. After reaching there, you can take a cab, taxi or bus to reach your destination.
  • By Road: The road connectivity and condition are good for an easy-going road trip. You can reach Sakleshpur from Bangalore via NH75.  
  • By Train: Sakleshpur Railway Station is located 2 km from the hill station and is well connected with other cities of Karnataka.

How to Get Around in Sakleshpur

When it comes to covering the longer distance within the city buses are the best and cheapest mode to travel. For the shortest distance, you can hire a taxi and auto-rickshaw. You can travel through many ways in Sakleshpur, but covering some distance by walking lets you know about the local people and lifestyle. Overall, the transportation system of Sakleshpur has a diverse mode of getting around the city.

Accommodations in Sakleshpur

Accommodation options in Sakleshpur give you opportunities to choose from luxurious resorts to pocket-friendly homestays.  You can easily find a place to stay in Sakleshpur and enjoy the great amenities. There are many options in and nearby villages of Sakleshpur with better-staying facilities. Look at some famous hotels and homestays in Sakleshpur to enjoy a comfortable stay.

  • The Hills
  • Devagiri Retreat
  • Eka Resort
  • Kadumakki Resorts
  • Megha Homestay
  • The Malnad Times
  • Baalecool Nature Resort
  • The Karle Homestay

Where to Eat in Sakleshpur

There is no dearth of restaurants and food stalls in Sakleshpur that offer delicious cuisines. You can find many dining outlets that offer lip-smacking dishes. The local hotels and restaurants in Sakleshpur offer south Indian foods and also other Indian cuisines to give a feast to your tummy. Check out some of the best and famous restaurants of Sakleshpur that take care of your hunger delightfully.

  • Imperial Heritage
  • Hotel Samrat Grand
  • Ossoor Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Surabhi's NX
  • Mythri Restaurants

Shopping In Sakleshpur

While exploring the beauty of Sakleshpur, don't miss some of the best places for shopping. There is no second thought that shopping is an integral part of the vacation, and in Sakleshpur you can enjoy that with many options. Sakleshpur is a beautiful hill station of Karnataka and is blessed with coffee plantations. While enjoying shopping in Sakleshpur, you can buy some of the famous items like Coffee powder, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cashew, and pepper. Let's glimpse some of the best shopping places in and near Sakleshpur.

  • Bhariaweshvara Complex
  • Akash Complex
  • City Point
  • South Indian Shopping Mall
  • Rajaram Showroom

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