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Ridge Road Shimla

The Ridge Road in Shimla is an open ground atop a hill, bustled with many tourist activities like horse-riding, shopping, photography, and eating. The Ridge can sometimes be mistaken for a landscape of a foreign country, mainly because of the British architecture and the lady in the limelight, Christ Church. This church is inspired by the Neo-Gothic style of architecture and was built in 1857. This sacred church stands on the ridge, adding a spark to the panorama.

Shimla's Ridge is always colored with life, but as The Summer Festival knocks in, the city and The Ridge get more lively and enthusiastic. It also gives an access route to the Popular Jakhoo Temple, Scandal Point, Lakkar Bazaar, and many other major attractions of Shimla. The Ridge not only entertains the travelers but also holds great purpose and significance for its locals. It has a water reservoir which serves the whole city. Your Shimla vacation seems incomplete without visiting this tourist attraction. Strolling in this tourist place will give you moments you can cherish for a long time.

This little piece of heaven also has some fantastic statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ys Parmar, Indira Gandhi, and the first CM of Himachal Pradesh.

What to do in The Ridge

  • Shop in the vastness of the area: The whole place is packed with shops, offering you everything from a needle to swords.
  • Horse riding on the ridge: These horses are beautiful and well-trained.
  • Visit the Christ Church: This Elizabethan-styled architectural brilliance is the highlight of Shimla.
  • Eat! Yes! The restaurants and dhabas in and around The Ridge have a fantastic views and lip-smacking food, but the price is affordable.
  • Adventure sports in The Ridge: Snow adventure, trekking, and many other adventure sports can be performed here.

You can glorify your Shimla vacation by adding this place to your bucket list. And you can pick our well-crafted Shimla tour packages to get a smooth travel experience.


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