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Snowfall in Shimla

Shimla is the erstwhile summer capital of British India and is famous for its surreal beauty. It is a paradise for snow lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and peace seekers. Snowfall in Shimla transforms the hill town into a wonderland and allows people to indulge in adventure activities. From December to February, Shimla snowfall enhances the charm of this scenic town. The average temperature in Shimla hovers around -1⁰ C and 12⁰ C. Therefore, this is an ideal time to partake in thrilling activities, including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and sledding. Check out our Shimla adventurous tour packages if you want to experience these snow sports on your Shimla tour.

Take a look at the detailed information about snowfall in Shimla each winter month -

Snowfall in Shimla in December

From mid-December, Shimla starts receiving snowfall, and it is a perfect time for tourists to enjoy the frequent snow showers. This month, the hill town is covered with a snow blanket, which offers tourists opportunities to indulge in snow activities. The temperature ranges between 0.1⁰ C and 13⁰ C in December. Encompassed by the snow-capped Himalayas, Shimla looks surreal, and the enchanting beauty of this wonderland offers unique experiences to travelers.

Snowfall in Shimla in January

In January, the temperature drops below zero in Shimla, hovers around -2°C during the night, and gets as high as 11°C during the day. Shimla enjoys cold winters and frequent snow showers in January. The skating rink of Shimla is a perfect place to enjoy ice-skating and make the trip memorable. With the snow-capped mountain range backdrop, Shimla is covered with thick sheets of snow that make it best for families and honeymooners.

Snowfall in Shimla in February

February is the last month to enjoy snowfall in Shimla and partake in snow activities. In February, the average temperature rises in Shimla to 0⁰ C at night and 13°C during the day. The snow activities and sports in which tourists can indulge in February make the Shimla tour unforgettable. Hiking and nature walks are also popular things to do in Shimla during the snowfall season.

Before packing the bags for the Shimla trip, it is important to check the climatic conditions in the hill town as the region experiences cold and harsh winters. The warm coats and thick jackets can save you from the chilly weather and keep you warm. However, January is the coldest month in Shimla, so pack heavy woolens for the harsh weather conditions.

Some of the essential things to pack for the Shimla trip in snowfall weather -

  • Thermals, warm jackets, and coats.
  • Warm socks, gloves, muffler, and cap.
  • Comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes.
  • Gumboots are a must for snow trekking.
  • Moisturizers, hand creams, and sunscreen to avoid sunburn and tanning.
  • Waterproof bags to keep your charges, phones, and other electronics.
  • First aid box with prescribed medicines and essential medications


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