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North Sikkim Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to North Sikkim

Reckoned with enchanting waterfalls, sparkling rivers, idyllic lakes, and breathtaking views, North Sikkim is known for alluring travellers with its incredible tourist spots. Some notable places to visit in North Sikkim include Yumthang Valley, Gurudongmar Lake, Lachen, Chungthang, and Zemu Glacier that will leave you mesmerized with their beauty. There is nature, peace, adventure, and untouched beauty that is much needed for all nature lovers, romantic honeymoon couples, adventure enthusiasts, religious travellers, and leisure vacationers.

Sikkim is no doubt one of the beautiful states in India. Besides being the second smallest state in the country, it has some of the most wonderful sites and tourist attractions to visit. Moreover, it is divided into four sections - North Sikkim, South Sikkim, East Sikkim, and West Sikkim.

Each of them is dotted with abundant natural beauty and remarkable attractions but today we are here to know more about the North Sikkim. So, if you want to know more about the places to visit, how to reach North Sikkim, things to do, the best time to visit, and more.

Keep Reading this North Sikkim Toursim Guide

Why visit North Sikkim?

Visit this slice of heaven if you want to spend time away from the city bustle and polluted environment. It will fill your lungs with fresh air and treat your eyes to the most wonderful views ever. The quietness of pristine lakes, the sounds of gushing Teesta, and views of Mount Kanchendzonga are not to be missed on your Sikkim tour.

If you are a honeymoon couple and want to spend time after stressful wedding days at a peaceful destination, Sikkim is a must-visit. Families can bond and have a great time together amid breathtaking surroundings. And also, adventure lovers can indulge in thrilling adventure activities in North Sikkim.

How to reach North Sikkim

To reach North Sikkim, you can get a shared jeep to Mangan from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. State buses also operate from Siliguri to Mangan, the district headquarter of North Sikkim. If you are travelling independently, then it will be very difficult for you to get beyond Mangan. If you are lucky, you can share a vehicle to Lachen or Lachung but there isn’t any shared vehicle to Gurudongmar Lake from Lachen or Yumthang valley from Lachung.

Best time to visit North Sikkim

The best time to visit North Sikkim is between the months of May and September. The temperature during this time remains between 28 to 30 degrees making your sightseeing comfortable. North Sikkim is in a high altitude zone and receives heavy snowfall in winters. The winters are quite harsh and proper woollen clothes are recommended. Landslides are common in the monsoon season, and thus, one must avoid visiting North Sikkim.

Places to visit in North Sikkim

With several pristine places to visit in North Sikkim, you will be fascinated throughout your trip. Blessed by the Himalayas, North Sikkim houses some beautiful tourist attractions. Some of the best places to see in North Sikkim are Gurudongmar Lake, Cholamu Lake, Yumthang Valley, Lachung, Lachen, and many more. One visit to these and you will be mesmerized by their unspoiled beauty. Also, Zero Point or Yume Samdong is one of the top attractions in North Sikkim where you can reach by obtaining a special permit.

Accommodation in North Sikkim

Sikkim is a popular holiday destination in India and therefore, has many hotels and resorts for you to choose from. North Sikkim has various accommodation varieties offering decent services and comfortable stays at affordable rates. Some of the popular places to stay in North Sikkim are Apple Orchard Resort, Delight Royal Lachen, Summit Khangri Kapro Retreat and Spa, Magellan’s The Golden Bridge, and Hotel Le Coxy.

Where to eat in North Sikkim

Sikkim cuisine is influenced by Nepal and Tibet and therefore, includes a lot of stews, soups, dumplings, vegetables, and meats. Some famous places restaurants in North Sikkim to try the best food of Sikkim are Taste of Tibet and Shuffle Momos for momos, Roll house and Parivar Restaurant for Thukpa, Osm Restaurant for Dal Bhaat, Thakali for Dhindo, Hill Queen for Gundruk and Sinki, and The Square Family Restaurant and Bar for Kodo Ko Roti.

Useful Tips for North Sikkim

  • If you wish to visit protected areas like Lachung or Yumthang then a Protected Area Permit is required. It can be obtained in Gangtok from Sikkim Government registered tour operator.
  • Weather can be unpredictable in North Sikkim. Make sure to pack your bags with all the essentials like warm clothes, gloves, warm caps, etc.
  • The only way to move around North Sikkim is through shared taxis. To avoid the hassle, make sure to book a private vehicle or shared one beforehand through a tour operator.
  • Take essential medicines with you.

Faqs About North Sikkim Tourism

Q: How many days are enough to visit North Sikkim?

Ans: You need around 5-6 days to explore the best of North Sikkim.

Q: What is the cost of North Sikkim tour package?

Ans: INR 19,000 will be the average cost of North Sikkim tour package. The price may vary as per the flight/train availability, type of accommodation, etc.

Q: What to buy in North Sikkim?

Ans: There is not much of a shopping scene in North Sikkim and for that, you need to visit the capital Gangtok. There you will find much more variety of apparels, singing bowls, prayer wheels, flags, statues, and more.

Q: What to do in North Sikkim?

Ans: With ample lakes, rivers, attractions, scenic points, and abundant options, there is no dearth of things to do in North Sikkim. Some of the best things you can indulge in while on your North Sikkim tour are -

  • Enjoy the thrilling hand gliding.
  • Spend time among locals at Lachung/Lachen.
  • Explore Sikkim Culture.
  • Indulge in adventure skiing and snowboarding.
  • Rafting in Teesta River.
  • Spend time at a hot spring in Yumthang.
  • Witness the Valley of Flowers at Yumthang.
Q: Which are the best places to visit in North Sikkim?

Ans: Gurudongmar Lake, Cholamu Lake, Yumthang Valley, Lachung, Lachen are the best places to see in North Sikkim.