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Excursions from Somnath

Once you have seen the tourist attractions of Somnath, you may plan for some enjoyable Excursions from Somnath. These Tours from Somnath would take you to some interesting places that lie close to Somnath and would offer you a lot to do and see.

On your Excursions from Somnath, Gujarat, India, you can select Chorwad as your stopover. Chorwad, the striking little beach village, is your ideal destination for a nice holiday. Enjoying boat riding and stunning views of rocky shores could be an enjoyable pastime of yours at Chorwad. In case you want to visit the erstwhile timeless grandeur of the royal era, make sure to pay a visit to the Chorwad Palace, a summer abode of the former Nawabs of Junagadh.

When you Travel from Somnath, you can also aim for Veraval. A Tour to Veraval would enable you to take a walk down the lanes of history. Veraval, a fortified port town of the former royal family of Junagadh, still retains a part of its royal splendor. The beautiful Nawabi summer palace, the ruins of the erstwhile Nawabi fort as well as the Nawabi Gates-all make for a grand viewing. So, make sure to watch all these. Also, remember to appreciate, in particular, the gothic features of the Nawabi Palace.

So, rush to book your place for these Excursions from Somnath as soon as possible. You would certainly take back enjoyable memories of these excursions.


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