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Shopping in Somnath

Somnath in Gujarat is a city that has lots to offer to tourists. The several temples, shrines, museums, and monuments are major tourist attractions at this place. However, besides visiting these sites of tourist interest, shopping in Somnath is also a thrilling activity for the tourists who come to this city.

If you are a shopaholic, resisting the desire to shop in Somnath, Gujarat, India, would be challenging. If you are wondering about what to buy in Somnath, the bazaars in Somnath have everything, from home decor to traditional silk clothes. In fact, if you have a reasonable amount of time on your hands, Somnath Shopping could turn into a pleasant affair. Many tourists embark on their Somnath Shopping spree as a fun activity.

Somnath is particularly famous for the Somnath Temple. And, in the vicinity of this temple, you will get items of religious importance, many of which are used while offering puja to the deity.

While shopping, the famous things to buy in Somnath include wall hangings, quilts, marriage costumes, cradle clothes, and animal trappings. Almost all of these are appliqued, embroidered, and decorated with beadwork. The embellishments on these items with sequins, mirrors, shells, and buttons are pretty eye-catching. Indeed, these pieces would feature amongst your coveted purchases from this region.

On your Somnath shopping spree, remember to pick a few souvenirs from the shops of this place. Exploring the Somnath Markets is also a great way to glance through the life of the local people. 

Here are the best places for shopping in Somnath.

  • Gurukrupa Silk

Get your hands on the latest silk clothes and materials at the Gurukrupa Silk store. It is one of the best shopping places in Somnath. Be it a sari or silk cloth, you know where to find them in Somnath.

Location of the shop: Main Bazar Prabhas Patan, Somnath

  • Pankaj’s Bag Store

Among the famous stores in Somnath, Pankaj’s Bag Store has the latest collection of clutches, handbags, and more. Ladies and even young kids will love this place. They also sell travel bags, and the highlight of their store is that any bag you put your finger on is sold at a lesser rate than what the known brands will sell it for.

Location of the shop: Somnath Mandir Road, Somnath

  • Prabhas Patan Shopping Centre

This is your one-stop shop for shopping in Somnath. From apparel to electronics, you will have everything in one place. Mostly young people are seen at this place. Moreover, many people buy mala and prasad from here to pay tribute to the nearby temples.

Location of the shop: Prabhas Patan, Somnath

  • Somnath Beach Street Market

Located near Somnath Beach, you can shop at this street market. Many vendors sell toys, seashells, and homemade artifacts made by middle-aged women and men. And if you buy these items, it will support the artisans’ living. 

Location of this place: Near Access Road to Temple, Somnath

  • Uday Book Store

Bibliophiles can visit the Uday Book Store, one of the best places for shopping in Somnath. It has a variety of books suitable for young people, students, and adults. Stationery items are also available.

Location of the shop: Ram Rakh Chowk Road, Somnath

If you want to explore the shopping markets in Somnath, contact Indian Holiday. Avail great deals on Somnath tour packages and embark on a journey. Enjoy shopping and seek blessings at Shree Somnath Jyotirlinga and other temples.


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