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What to Buy in Somnath

Tourists from far and wide on their tour to Gujarat make sure to pay a visit to the city of Somnath. Famous for its various monuments, shrines, temples and museums, Somnath features prominently in the tour itinerary of many travelers. However, Shopping in Somnath is also a good thing to do. If you want to know What to Buy in Somnath, visit the Somnath Markets that hold the answer to your query.

If you are a shopaholic, the question of What to Buy in Somnath, Gujarat, India would not bother you much. You would be tempted to stack your bags with whatever catches your fancy. However, if the shopping bug hasn't bit you, it would be better to pick a few specialty of this region while Shopping in Somnath.

Markets in Somnath, Gujarat, India has something or the other for everyone. If you can squeeze some time out of your hectic schedule, Somnath Markets would captivate you for sure by the range of objects on offer. As the shops of Somnath Markets house some interesting items of various price tags up for grabs, your shopping spree at this place could turn out to be an entertaining activity. In fact, apart from the usual rounds of sightseeing, several tourists arrive at the Somnath Markets to purchase a thing or two, either as souvenirs for themselves or as gifts for their loved ones.

Near the sacred places of Somnath, you may purchase some religious items. Some other articles that are big draws for tourists comprise of wall hangings, animal trappings, cradle clothes, marriage costumes and quilts. Many of these articles boast of beautiful works of applique, embroidery and beadwork. In some of these pieces, you would also observe gorgeous embellishments that are made of shells, mirrors, sequins and buttons. 

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