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Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley

Spiti is nestled in the high-altitude region of Himachal Pradesh and offers a unique charm throughout the year. Winters bring a blanket of snow, making it a haven for snow enthusiasts, while summers provide a pleasant escape with clear skies and vibrant landscapes.

However, the best time to visit Spiti Valley is from May to October, when the weather is mild and roads are accessible, allowing travelers to explore its stunning beauty. Regardless of the season, we offer well-customized tour packages that ensure you experience the best of Spiti. However, knowing about the variation of climate conditions in each season is better before planning a Spiti tour. Here is the monthly breakdown of Spiti Valley weather that will help you plan a vacation.

Spiti Temperature

Summers April to June 02°c -20°c
Monsoon July to Sep 05°c - 20°c
Winter Oct to March 20°c - 05°c

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