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Srinagar Temperature

Weather conditions and temperature in Srinagar bring a pleasant atmosphere to have a wonderful holiday here. This holiday destination offers natural beauty that will blow your mind, and its weather conditions will soothe your senses. The beautiful Dal Lake outside Kashmir, the lush green fields, and the bold cerulean mountains made him feel delightful, and he built the splendid Shalimar Garden here to make his visit a memorable incident. After his visit, however, the Mughal rulers realized the essence of Srinagar, the capital of Jammu. Moreover, the geographical location makes this place a pleasant resort from the tropical heat since the climate in Srinagar remains normal during summer.

Weather in Summers

The pleasant climate is conducive to tourism in Srinagar, during the sizzling summer heat when people like to set out for a new destination, where tropical heat would not scorch them. During summers, the snow in the lakes of Srinagar melts, and flowing Shikaras offer a thrilling view with women carrying willow baskets and selling handicrafts and flowers.

The houseboats sailing in the vast network of canals and rivers that waters Srinagar is home to numerous houseboats. 500 such natural houseboats are flowing in the rivers. It is also delightful for visitors to stay here and enjoy the scenic elegance.

Weather in Winters

While Climate in Srinagar is a charming relief from the scorching heat of summer waves, the winter beats are not to be missed. It brings along the prevalent scenario of sunset and sunrise beyond the snowy Tiger Hills dazzling in the sun like a natural prism. However, during the winter months, the temperature of Srinagar remains much below normal. Still, people like to visit this place because of the graceful landscape and romance. The climate in Srinagar during the winter season is replete with snow falls around the pine trees and wooden huts when people wearing Phirans rush homeward. The mystery of the weather in Srinagar can never be deciphered easily; it is a natural process and God's gift to India.

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