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Lolab Valley Near Srinagar

The beautiful oval- shaped Lolab Valley is nestled between Kashmir and Neelum Valley in the Kupwara District. Known as the ‘Wadi-e-Lolab’ by the locals, it is among the most beautiful destinations in Kashmir. Marked by fruit orchards, thriving meadows and stunning lakes, Lolab Valley is shaped by the Lahwal River.

The valley is throughout covered with thick pine and fir forests and dotted with paddy fields. Tourists enjoy a glimpse into typical Kashmiri villages and the local lifestyle. There are also various scenic vistas perfect for trekking, camping and picnicking.

Tourist Attractions in Lolab Valley

Lolab Valley boasts of beautiful orchards and cultivated land. The picturesque beauty is ideal for picnics and few days away from urban locales in the middle of unadulterated nature. Lolab Valley is the starting point of several trekking routes. One of the most popular treks in the region is from Lolab Valley to Lake Wullar in Bandipore. The valley is home to several species of native animals such as Himalayan Black Bear and Brown Bear, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Hangul, Markhor and Musk deer. As you trek the highs, the beauty of Kashmir mesmerizes you.

The sheer beauty of the Valley impresses the tourists. There are few camping sites and tourist huts for travelers at Sogam, Diver, Chandigam, Anderbug, Kalaroos and Lalpore. Visitors can spend days here. There are around eleven lakes, ponds and nature springs with therapeutic qualities in the valley that are worth visiting.

Krusan Lolab

Krusan Lolab is a village located in proximity to the Halmatpora and is renowned for housing the Syed Bengal Sahib Shrine. In this revered site, people offer prayers for protection from natural calamities. The village is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, lakes and lush green areas. In terms of archaeology and history, various archives have been dug out here.

Kalaroos Cave

The ancient cave in Kalaroos in the forest of Madmadow attracts a lot of tourists. It is believed that the cave leads to Russia. The haunting site is sure to spook you out.

Sat Burn

Carved rocks called 'Sat Burn' (seven doors) are mystical ruins in the city luring visitors.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to Lolab Valley is in Srinagar International Airport. Srinagar airport is connected to Delhi and Jammu. From the airport, tourists can take taxis or buses to reach Kupwara. From Kupwara, tourists can take taxis or buses to visit the valley.

By Rail

The nearest railhead is at Jammu about 218 Km from Lolab Valley. From Jammu, buses and taxis can be hired to reach Kupwara and further into Lolab Valley.

By Road

Jammu and Srinagar both are well-connected to Lolab Valley by road. The Kupwara town is the main access point for Lolab Valley. From Kupwara, tourists can take taxis or buses to visit the valley. Buses ply from Srinagar regularly. The distance of 114 Km is covered in four hours because of the rocky terrain.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lolab Valley is from August to March. The area has a moderate climate during summers. The weather is amiable and perfect for trekking, camping and picnics. The valley sees snowfall during the winter season. Monsoon does not 

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