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Verinag Near Srinagar

Located around 80 kilometer south-east of Srinagar is a small, sleepy town of Verinag. Literally meaning “a snake” in local language, Verinag happens to be the first tourist spot that one encounters while travelling from Jammu to Kashmir by road. The town, located at a height about 1,876 m above sea level, is famous for a natural spring, which goes by the same name and which mesmerized Mughal Emperors, who developed the area according to their personal tastes and preferences.

The Verinag Spring is the major tourist attraction of the town and is said to be one of the major sources of Jhelum River. Its crystal blue waters hosting different kinds of big fishes and location at the foothills of Himalayas so enticed Mughal Emperor Jahangir, that he ordered its shape to be changed to traditional Mughal octagonal style and authorized the construction of a brick arcade surrounding it.

Later on his son and successor Shah Jahan laid out beautiful gardens in the Charbagh style while at the same time constructing cascades and aqueducts in straight lines to enhance the beauty of the area.

The ambience around Verinag is incredibly picturesque and is surrounded by tall pine trees whose reflection in waters look mesmerizingly wonderful. Besides different varieties of flowers, cool and crisp mountain air and calming atmosphere make Verinag a prized destination.

Best Time to Visit Verinag

Kashmir is a year-round destination and all seasons have their own peculiar charm and characteristics. However, the best time to visit the town of Verinag is during the spring time, i.e. from the March to June. Also autumn in Verinag brings in riot of colors and the beauty of the region enhances manifold. Thus, the months September and November which comprise autumn in Verinag is also good time to visit the place.  

How to Reach Verinag

By Air

The nearest airport is Srinagar International Airport, operating regular flights from Delhi and Jammu. The airport is located at an approximate distance of 82 kilometers from Verinag.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Qazigund Railway Station, situated 17 kilometers from Verinag. The railway station lies on 119 kilometers long line that runs from Banihal to Baramulla.

By Road

Verinag is well connected to all major towns of Kashmir. It can be accessed by taking National Highway 1A that connects Jammu and Srinagar. Moreover, the town is also connected by the road from Srinagar to Anantnag, the latter lies at a distance of 24 kilometers from Verinag.  

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