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Shopping in Srinagar

Shopping in Srinagar can be really exciting and to some extent confusing exercise- exciting because Srinagar offers a mega large plethora of shopping options comparable to few places in India; and confusing because you will want to buy everything but then have to think of means of transporting the great bulk home and curtail to list to bare minimum, which is- a real tough job. While shopping in Srinagar however chalk out your plans on two things- first, what to buy and second, where to buy it from; because otherwise you might end up being fooled.

What to Buy in Srinagar

As has been told earlier and as you can well imagine from what you have heard from those who have traveled to Srinagar before, Srinagar is a treasure trove of handicraft articles. Below is a comprehensive list of what to buy while out shopping in Srinagar.

Shawls - Kashmiri shawls are in demand all over the world. The jamavar shawls, sozoni embroidery and zardozi embroidery (with gold and silver thread) are most sought after

Carpets and rugs - available in silk and wool, the carpet weaving history in Kashmir dates back to the 13th century. These hand weaved carpets are known as Taleem. The woolen ones are weaved on a base of warp and tuft while the silk carpets have a base of cotton.

Papier Mache - made from paper pulp, which is later varnished and lacquered, the papier mache come in vibratnt colors. Christmas decorations, vases, boxes of papier mache are worth their price

Walnut wood products - the walnut wood furniture and showpieces have a design characteristic to the Kashmir valley and are famous for their intricate carvings

Copper and silverware - jewelery, trinkets, vases, show pieces, cigarette cases, utensils made of copper, brass and silver are intricately carved

Best Places to Shopping in Srinagar

Lal Chowk, Badshah Chowk and the near by Polo View in Srinagar are the best places to shop in Srinagar. Some artisans also set up shop at their residences which can also be visited. 

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